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Frist Trip On Shrooms


My first time i did shoorms was last Thursday i am 15 turning 16 in about 3 weeks It was about 11 o clock at night an i deiced i was going to do the shrooms i got from a friend in Florida i live in California he mailed me them. i biked 2 miles to the school after sneaking out of my house an i ate them my friends were on triple c's at the time. I didn't feel much so we smoked hella weed i then started biking around an i could start to feel every vibration every sound an i started staring at the ground the lines started to sway in the beat of the music i was listing to Australia by The Shins i had to follow the lines i dont know why but i had to. after a while i looked at the lights an they seemed to move an swirl i then squinted an was over come with the most amazing feeling ever it was pure happiness i was then thrown into what felt like a hall way but i felt free. the lights then started acting like a kaleidoscope it was amazing i fell off my bike because it took over me you probably dont under stand this but hell when i closed my eyes an looked at the school lights it looked like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRIDCMZySHw when i closed my eyes an looked at the lights thats what i saw. 

But after i stopped closing my eyes an looking at the lights i felt sober but every time i did it i triped harddd i do not understand why this is im shooming 2marro night i will post my experience please give me advice on shrooms im new hahaha 


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