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first acid trip in a year

2 blotter hits

Let me start this off by stating that LSD has had and still does seem to always give me a very relaxed trip. Not once have I ever experienced even a sign of the like. And so.. that being said, lets move on. 

This took place I'd say three months ago, and I was enjoying a Friday evening with friends, and a buddy of mine and I decided to do some acid considering it had been a reasonable amount of time since we both have had any. I take my two blotter hits in his car, before going in to my girlfriends house. She was a tripper herself and her house was a very nice envrion for all things trip-related. As we waited for the LSD to kick, I hopped in my pals ride and we rode to a gas station to get some snacks. This is when things began to get a little bit whimsical. Into the bathroom I marched, happy and content knowing that I am about to be where I want sometime in the near future. As I begin to relieve myself at a urinal, all that I could think about was 'tossing jellies'. This phrase seemed to be the keystone that initiated my trip. All I could think of was 'tossing jellies' and a strange, decrepit man tossing jellies across the pixelized river in an online game called Peasant Quest. (Great game, btw) After this thought crossed thru my mind the walls started to somewhat swirl in my peripheral. 

Exiting the bathroom, I began to get that airy feeling, and the noodlish appendages. In the car, on the ride back to girlfriends house, the back of my head began to feel like a weight was attached by a rope, however, this rope was pulling forward. My head began to drift downward with each second, it seemed, but every few seconds I would realize it never moved. Upon entering the house, her dog greets me at the door. This dog was a boxer breed, so kind of large. As he jumps, his eyes were devilishly black, and his tongue seemed to teleport around, instead of moving in fluid motion. This especially sparked some kind of significance in my brain, because throughout my experience, the last image of this dogs face repeated in my head. Next thing I know, I am in her room, my friend was already in there, layed out on her bed shirtless. This was the last time I saw him all the way through the peak of my trip. As I lay down, she begins to rub my back, which seemed to kind of put me into a vegetative state. Here, I completely zoned out, no contact with self, almost instantly. The trip definitely crept up on me, but with tripping you never know in the first place. At this point I began to see vivid, bright colors dance around this block of white which I guess resembled the bed I was laying on? Around this white block as I mentioned were the vivid colors, almost like rays of light i guess, but dancing like humans. Then, out of nothing appears the Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti poster, except each member of the band was truly in front of me, but in the poster as well. They said nothing, just stared at me, but still through me. You know the stare. After staring back for what seemed to be hours and hours, my vision began to pick up objects in her room, but would still fade away to this "alternate room", i'll say. for some reason this certain phenomena amazed me very much, so i let it i guess consume me. I began to focus on what was going on in my trip more than the trip itself. Slowly but surely I began to get my bearings.

I had complete realization of location now, no more crazy trip psych plane, although I was still very much under the influence. Still on girlfriends bed, she packs up the ol' bong, after giving me a very long, loving kiss that felt like somehow locked my trip into the good stages, like nothing could go wrong. Members of the opposite sex that you connect with on an emotional/spiritual level can be so refreshing during a trip, and have made great trip partners for me in the past. Now then, I've never been much for smoking while tripping, but I always liked it when I was in the more bodily/auditory stages for its mellowing effects. After passing this bong back and forth for a couple bowls' time, I notice my buddy isnt in the room, so I ask her where he went, and as she replies, her face got very bright and radiant so much that I had to ask again the question. She told me that he had went outside to mellow out and that we were leaving to go to a party in about an hour. Tripping at social gatherings during the come-down is something that I love doing very much. At this party the people all seemed very happy, I was totally mellowed out, and felt like I had been on the journey of my life. The lights were still very bright and wavy here, and with a few cigarettes and a couple of doobies I returned to my girlfriends house with her and my drunk ass best friend who had got on with us at some point during the night. Knowing my trip was coming to a close, I felt completely satisfied with myself. I layed down with her and I had some very enlightening thoughts to myself as I was slowly dozing off and some completely rad closed eye viz. 


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