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First experience, quite amazing

3-4g unknown mushroom powder

Weight: 170lbs

Last night was the second time that i've had a crack at tripping on mushrooms. The first attempt was with ~1g and didn't really yield much effects (apart from the giddy euphoria and emotional sensitivity), so i decided to pick out a significant date and to have another go with the mushroom. I ended up deciding that 17th july was a good date to trip. Anyway, i started the night in my room listening to some music, originally my brother was going to watch over me (although personally i felt that being alone would be far more benifical and slightly less paranoid), i had planned to drink some shroom tea at around 12am (The tea was meant to have 2g powder, but due to dodgy scales it was more then likely 3.5g). I had smoked some green around 10pm to mellow out a bit and relax.

At around 11pm things started to go a bit wrong (and the trip hadn't even started!). My brother ended up going to party and was apparently going to get back home at around midnight, I probably should have waited until my brothers got home before i started. 11:45,  I decided to make my mushroom tea and maybe sip at it until my brother got home, I sat down and relaxed, made my tea and started sipping at it a bit. After about 10 minutes i started feeling a slight buzz, so i kept drinking the tea.
Before long i felt quite giddy and euphoric, I turned on my computer and listened to some music, as well as chatting a bit online. Everything was traveling nice and smoothly, but then it started getting a bit... weird.
My two brothers finally arrived home, at this stage i was still soaring through the onset of the mushrooms, I looked back at the door and my brother walked in, immensely drunk, staggering around, falling over etc. I told him to leave but he just laughed. At this stage things started becoming very delusional, I wasn't sure if what i was seeing and experiencing was real, perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me, but then again perhaps it was all real and actually happening. Everything jolted around chaotically and time felt like it had lost its consistency and flow, time continued to stagger and then it got worse, I could feel my heart starting to go nuts, pounding out of my chest. I tried to distract my fear by moving myself and telling my brother to piss off, eventually he did, but the panic was still very strong.
I climbed into bed and my head felt like it was floating, i knew all too well that the trip had only started and i was already wanting it to stop. I layed down in bed and tried to clear my mind, every now and then looking at the time on my ipod, slowly but surely, a minute seemed like it went on forever.

12:45... and i waited for what felt like hours, i checked again, 12:46. I noticed my vision was quite blurred and hazy, everything had a fuzzy soft glow around it, the fluorescent light bulb stretched and morphed, twisting around gently, twitching erratically at moments. I closed my eyes and concentrated on letting go, i began to notice that as i closed my eyes, visuals flourished around me, impossible geometric objects appearing and disappearing at what seemed like the speed of light. Voices softly echoed through my mind, and i began to mindlessly recite their words.
I opened my eyes, which gave me a quick glimpse of my usual reality, after a few seconds it slowly spiraled back down into insanity as black waves slowly encompassed my vision, dissolving my only connection to the world around me. I closed my eyes again, and saw flashes of vivid colors washing around me like paint in water. At this stage i felt completely immersed in my new reality, but part of me was still holding on. I listened to myself repeat meaningless phrases over and over, simple and complicated sentences which made absolutely no sense.

I was talking to my self for quite some time, and then everything stopped, the chaotic complicated visuals slowed down, vibrating ever so softly. I opened my eyes again and watched the cat as it layed on my bed, I nudged it gently with my foot and she walked up to me, as she aproached me, the cat appeared to break down into a simple geometric shape, almost like a box, I reached out to pat her and then everything stopped, completely frozen in time. I sat up and looked around, everything looked as if it was suspended in glass, very sharp and vivid, but frozen solid. I heard my brother telling me to shut up, his voice slowed down completely and i felt like i was shaking from the sound vibrations.

At this stage, the trip reached it's plateau and i was certainly aware of it. I felt quite relaxed, like i was floating in void which stretched on forever, i started talking to myself, telling myself how dark it was and how smooth everything felt. I decided to open my eyes again, everything around me was black, except for some old glow in the dark stars which where scattered across the roof, they glowed, so insanely bright, each like a small sun in it's own galaxy. It felt like i was looking at the universe, watching it all happen, incredible processes constantly working like a million gears in a clockwork watch. This whent on for a very long time, perhaps 2-4hours.

Eventually i snapped back, and opened my eyes once more to see that everything was mostly normal again, except for the fact that i had pissed myself ._. I got out of bed, showered, changed the sheets as well as getting some new clean clothes. Everything was nice and quiet, and mostly sane again except for the occasional 'twitch' or movement in my vision, very subtle, yet strange hallucinations. I was somewhat frightened again, but i relaxed and just went along with it. Strange warping and the classic "breathing" was happening all around me, so i quietly watched it all unfold.
About 9hrs later i woke up, back to normal and nothing strange happening anymore.

Overall it was a very odd experience, i would certainly call the beginning quite a bad trip. However, it eventually became more sublime as i let go of my ego, and drifted into a strange, but beautiful new reality.
I looked for the answer to specific questions, and instead i found the answer to everything.

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