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My first time 4 grams

Fun yet disapointing

   The first time i could acquired shrooms, I was in my basement room, i had 4 grams of some gray liberty caps. Initially I only took 2 grams and in about 30 min, mild visual effects began that can only be described as "wavy vision". But nothing else disappointed, expecting more from shrooms having heard so much, i took the rest of them. Some time later as time was dragging on at this point, some audio effects began from the extra 2 grams. That's when I began listening to music, it traveled through my body and every beautiful note felt so amazing. At some point my brother learned i was tripping and decided to come in with masks and scare me. I'm not sure if i was terafied and screaming or laughing my ass off, prolly a little of both. This trip overall was a positive experience and encouraged me. To try mushrooms many more times better mushrooms. : )

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