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Trippin Balls #1

This was my first time tripping on shrooms, and hopefully not the last.

This was my first time tripping on shrooms, and hopefully not the last. I scored a quarter of dried mushrooms and met two other friends at one of their houses. At about 11:30 PM we dropped the mushrooms into some chocolate pudding, and consumed them. Then we turned on National Lampoon's Senior Trip, and waited. After what SEEMED like an hour, i was fairly dissapointed, for I felt nothing. Upon thinking this, I stood up. As I stood up, my friend said something to me and I laughed hysterically. This is where it started. It went on for about 20 minutes - nonstop, pointless laughing at each other, all the while we were saying really stupid things. Then I turned on Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here." As soon as I turned that on, my friends gave me shit cuz they wanted to listen to punk. That pissed me off but they allowed me to play through track on the CD. Then i started to write. But I couldn't write because everytime I tried to write, my hand flew off the paper. So I gave that up and found this tie-dyed ping png ball....this soon became my magical orb (this comes into play later on.) Just staring at the ping-pong ball was messed up, I saw faces of other people in it, and it soon became a symbol that represented the entire world, and i was outside the world. After some rambling on, I stumbled upon two more ping-pong balls, which i gave to my friends to keep. Three guys, three ping-pong balls - sweet. I even went so far as to name the orbs, and told my friends to protect them.

Then we went outside - the best thing that could have ever happened. The trees and surroundings looked-like a movie set. We decided to walk to a nearby playground. After some further walking, I whipped my head around, and there stood the playground. It was like finding heaven. We darted through some yards to the play ground. The playground soon became heaven, and my friends and i had a deep religious talk on the swings. Then, I said out loud, "This is like a different galaxy!" Then, I noticed a street sign on the corner of the playground that said "Galaxy Dr." It blew my mind. As we left the playground, A car came out of no where and pulled up next to us. The three of us wanted to run, but we were too stupid and confused to know how to run. Out of the car comes one of my friend's friends. He was drunk, and he just started talking to us, and then walked around talking on his cell phone. All I remember is that I couldn't get over the fact that a car came outta no where , and i was talking to a stranger. I stared at the stars, and then we went home. We got in and I started noticing sweet patterns on the funiture and other stuff. My friends wanted to watch T.V., but i wanted to enjoy the trip so i started drawing again.. We finally shut the lights off at 3:00 and TRIED to sleep, but we couldn't. One of my friends, Raymond, and I started having a deep tlak, and we had a huge ass revelation, and in the midst of our triumph, fomr the other side of the room my other friend yells out "Oh, the headphones jack is on the other side of the CD player." Upon hearing this, we all started laughing. The nonsense didnt stop until 5 in the morning, by then, i was tired as hell.

There were many more crazy and spectactular details that could be reported, but we did so much that night that I can't even remember it all. I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip. The only downside was that I was with people who didnt know how to have a good time. They wanted to listen to punk, watch T.V. and basically do stupid stuff that you wouldn't normally do while tripping on shrooms. I made up for it sometimes by going off on my own to get a psychadelic atmosphere going on. That saved me from getting nto an argument and pontentially ruining the trip. But it was great to say the least.

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