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Perfect first trip

Psilocybe subaeruginosa

My first trip took place at my house in the hills, I had been looking for mushrooms for a few days and I finally found a patch of subaeruginosa growing in small pine forest near home. I took them home and after confirming their identity planned to try them the next day with a friend. Well my friend had a change of plans and wasnt coming anymore so I decided I would trip alone.

I made a 7 hour ipod playlist and played it through-out the entire trip and at 11:40am I ate 2 small fresh subs and went for a walk through the forestry, after 50 minutes I noticed no real effects! So an hour later at 12:40pm I decided to eat 3 more medium size fresh subs. I went inside a little tired after all the walking and sat on the couch, also the weather had become cloudy, grey and slightly rainy. After about 45 minutes I started to think nothing would happen, but I was wrong!

At this stage I had zoned out a bit and just was texting my friend and I started to notice the screen on my phone looked a little different, with tiny multicoloured specs forming on the screen, this is when I closed my eyes, I could see my arms and hands holding my phone, almost as if my eyes werent closed except my skin looked kind of blue and similar to when you look into space with a highpowered telescope and see thousands of stars and galaxys, my phone screen formed a big light at the top and then this morphed to form a christmas tree (my arms being the sides and my phone screen the star on top). I started to have alot of amazing 2d visuals when I closed my eyes, and I also noticed I could hear the music like I never have before, with incredible depth, I could hear every intrument perfectly, things I'd never noticed about songs I had listened to hundreds of times, it sounded incredible.

A sat in side just listening with my eyes closed as the closed eye visuals intensified and became more 3d. After a while I turned the TV on and put it on mute with just my ipod playing. People on TV looked like animals I had never seen before and it started to become really funny, they looked like guinea pigs/hamsters dressed up in clothes and this made me laugh for a while, then it made me think about how I take life too seriously sometimes and this created a long chain of thaught, problems I had seemed to have simple solutions and everything seemed to make much more sense.

At this stage I had been in side for a while and I noticed the weather was clearing up so I stepped outside, and this was possibly the most incredible thing of the whole trip, as soon as I stepped outside I could not believe how beautiful the forests and mountain ranges looked, it was like looking through an extremely high definition camera, I could see everything with incredible detail, things far far away seemed just as detailed. It just looked like heaven! The clouds had moved and the blue sky just looked incredible, the bluest thing I had ever seen haha! I climbed onto my roof and the views were amazing, you could see the mountains in EVERY direction and the earth looked very curved, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. When on back on ground I felt blended in and very spiritually connected with the forests, I could hear every bird, every little sound, I didnt feel human, it was like becoming an animal in a video game and I had fun walking around for a while.

I came back inside and sat on the couch again, I seemed to melt into it and it was super comfortable, my legs and arms felt smaller and weak, and it felt good to kinda curl up. Also the almost burning feeling everywhere through the middle of my body, like my soul was having an orgasm! It felt great and I felt in total peace and happiness, and then at this stage I think I experienced 'ego loss' while watching TV on mute again. I looked at the human race like I wasnt one of them, but I felt like I understood life in a new way, this was very spiritual for me and somthing I deffinately didnt forget! I also looked at myself like someone I didnt know, looking in the mirror was a little strange, I saw myself like never before, a little bit like I had never seen who I was looking at.

After reflecting on these things for a while I stood up again and walked around the house, the shroom effect seemed to have intesified again, my legs felt curvy, everything was a bit melty and curving around itself, many times I found things I saw hysterically funny and start laughing, and then laugh at how my face felt when I laughed! There was a candle burning in the corner and the light and flame from it seemed to tower over me and I felt tiny and cartoon like, this also made me laugh. When I read things from a page the words seemed to jump out at me and move around the page if I looked at it too long. My ipod was still going and the music was one of the best things about the trip.

After this I started to come down and about 5pm felt alot closer to normal, but with great sense of wellbeing, happiness, etc.

It was an awesome first trip and EVERYTHING I experienced I liked, no negative effects, it was all good, which I was relieved about because I did worry slightly about this before the trip.

But in the end a great experience with no regrets! :)

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