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Intense Weird Bad Trip Vol. 1 & 2

1st trip: ate whole 1/8. 2nd trip: only 2

I've taken shrooms about 5 times...3 times were great body buzzes but twice I've had the most sinister trips I've ever encountered in my life.  The first one, my friend and I both ate separate eighths, and boy I regret it!  I'm not sure what strain they were till this day because everything is such a blur, except for the trip!  It took about 5 minutes for us to down them and we headed to a well-known hippie party that usually happens all summer.  We were both familiar with most of the people there too. My trip started with a visual of the moon, which has happened.  I started getting really crazy vibes around people and it was almost a paranoia but it got better after I parted from people.  My friend was completely silent after that and I don't remember him saying a single word from there on.  I tried listening to some of the music some people were free styling, you know the typical hippie jam-for-hours deal.  I was so uncomfortable there I had to have my friend walk away with me, the music was like knives poking me everywhere.  It got to a point where I couldn't be around anyone or anything so I went to a friend.  I asked my friend if he had a place that I could crash so he took me to the tent he was staying in and I tried to sleep.  After about a half hour of me trying to sleep, I woke up and I'll never forget it...I was dripping in a pool of blood and someone outside the tent was screaming my name and saying kill him! kill him!  I was too scared to go outside so I just laid there.  Finally it calmed down and I went outside to find no one but two of my friends sitting by a small fire.  We were just chilling there and then out of nowhere some random zombie looking person came up to me by the fire, looked me in the eyes and then slit his wrist with a razor blade.  I was so freaked out that I went back into the tent and actually passed out dream/tripping for a few hours.  While passed out I tripped unbelievable things like riding roller coasters, having complete conversations with people who weren't there, and visuals like flipping pages on a web browser.  Then I think around 3 A.M. it seemed like a bomb went off in my trip world.  All I saw were reptilian-like aliens and they were all vomiting.  I was also ralphing grayish-green stuff that was soooo weird!  One consistent weirdness was a constant voice and theme that was talking way in the back my head and it was saying:  "This is all happening because you are on mushrooms."  After that long episode of craziness somehow I wound up in my car!  All I remember doing in my car was turning the key, and pushing the stick up and down from park to drive and back.  Next thing I know I'm visualizing a few friends (that weren't actually there) and myself racing in the woods.  I ended up a mile behind this party in a small field doing donuts.  Somehow I got lodged into a ditch and that's where my car stayed.  I had a system in my car, an 800w amp and two 12's.  All I used to listen to was screwed and chopped music and that's what was playing and totally freaking me out.  I got out of the car and it felt like I could jump 80 feet in the air.  So I fell down into a brier patch and laid there crunching briers in my hands.  Next thing I know I woke up naked standing beside my car holding the roof near the driver side.  Finally my trip slowed down and I fell asleep.  I never got back with my friend that I was eating them with and everyone told me he sat in a stream by the tents and didn't move until people had to force him into a bed.  Eventually I had to have the owner of the place get my car out of that ditch with a tractor and everyone there had a laugh and couldn't believe that I drove or raced that far behind the place in the MUD!  To this day I still get flash backs and it scares the hell out of me...NEVER EAT TOO MANY!

  The second trip wasn't as worse but I ate less shrooms to prevent it.  These were California Gold Caps and I only ate two of them alone. I noticed they were kicking in while I was trying to play a video game with a friend online.  All the lights in my room seemed to darken and it was like everything was swelling into darkness.  It got so weird that I couldn't take it anymore so I got off the video game, turned all the lights out, pulled the fan on me, and got under my covers to see if I could crash because I had to work the next day.  Next thing I know I'm waking up to the end of the world and screaming and crazy lights everywhere.  I live in the city so you can understand this trip this way.  I heard around 30 gang members outside yelling for me to come out and they were firing guns and there was also police sirens everywhere.  I turned my TV to see if I couldn't block everything out and Michael Jackson's dad was on CNN.  He was so orange that I thought he was an alien.  I turned that off and finally went to sleep for awhile.  When I awoke I felt like I could walk through walls so I got up and tried it and it was working!  So for some crazy reason I stripped off my clothes down to my boxers and got in my shower.  I stood in my shower without washing or anything for at least 2 hours.  The water finally got really cold so I got out and without drying I laid back in my bed soak and wet.  I do remember talking to myself in the shower most of the time.  I was asking and answering questions about human life and us being controlled by reptilian aliens.  I do read some David Icke so that was on my brain most of that week because I have been reading a book of his.  This trip was certainly not as bad as the first bad one but I couldn't believe how long they lasted seeing how I only at two!  The only advice I have for anyone that doesn't want a bad trip:  1. Eat one an hour at a time to test.  2.  Never eat them by yourself.  3.  Always be in a great mood and have a clear conscience!  Please comment and let me know if you've had similar trips!

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