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My first time tripping acid

2.5 hits blotter acid, 10mg 2C-E insufflated

The first time i ever got acid was from my friend who picked me up a few hits while he was getting some of his own. My friend and I split 5 blotters. After about 2 hours of absoultely nothing. We begin to think the acid is bunk. So we make plans to go get 2C-E. We go to pick the kid up and begin heading to a town about 45 mins away to get the 2C-E. About 20 minutes into the journey we realize the acid is in full swing.

note: 5 people in vehicle. me, my friend who's tripping (jacob), a friend (kris) & his girlfriend (justine), and the kid who has the hookup on 2C (chris).

So here i am driving and tripping my balls off. I pull over and let kris drive. It's dark outside and raining and this is my first acid trip. I've tripped tons of times so I don't freak out or anything. So we get the 2C-E (here kris and justine pop their 2ce capsules) and make it home after dropping chris off. We then head to kris's house. Jacob decides to break open our 2ce capsule and cut it into four lines. Jacob then gives kris and justine 50mg harmaline (a maoi) to intensify their trip. I snort the biggest portion of the capsule, jacob snorts some, kris and justine get small lines.?

Who said snorting 2C-E burns? hahahah it was smooth, cool, tasted like candy =S too good actually. jacobs a bastard he made me snort it but i'm glad now he did.

later on i got a drip and at that exact moment everything grew in complexity and becamse more and more intracite. we were watching alice in wonderland (the new one) and i gotta say its MADE for tripping. it looks insane. i remember this image of a bunch of blue shapes, diamonds mostly, filling up the screen. we drove into town at one point to get some glowsticks. all the street lights were taking shapes i couldn't recognize, closest mostly to triangles and diamonds. alot of fractals too.?

Headed back to kris's. don't drive on acid or 2c its dangerous! had to add that in. Imagine everything around you taking the form of a video game. it felt like we were in mario kart. kris and justine went completely out of their minds. it was justine's first time to trip.

we then leave kris's and head back to jacob's. jacob and i went to that place where your mind goes when its frying. our mind were in a mixing bowl or something we knew what each other were thinking.

wierd thing about 2ce.. its like every feeling you can feel on a drug is stimulated. it felt like we had laughing gas. we were literally laughing at everything and making ourselves laugh. its like our minds wanted us to laugh. we were making fun of things and mocking things. we watched wayne's world and laughed our asses off to that. the movie was bending and warping into random shapes.

after jacob passes out i go smoke some dank bowls and watch some family guy. i watched it for about 2 hours until i stopped frying. i then fell asleep and woke up at 6pm that day.

all in all the acid wasn't very strong but the 2ce went crazy. it warped the acid trip into this new and exciting thing. good experience overall.

edit: a few days later i snorted an entire 2ce capsule to myself (mixed with a little bit of molly) and didnt trip NEARLY as hard. so the acid was actually very potent.

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