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First time smoking DMT

maximum visual distortion

I've only gotten DMT one time and it was when we knew this big-time drug smuggler who got pretty much every drug known to man. Of course the first thing we asked for was DMT. We bought a gram of it for $80usd which is a pretty sweet deal. We could sell .05 for $10 if we wanted. 

So anyways, the drug dealer brings it over to my friends house.  We're chilling in his back yard and putting Shpongle on the cd player. We load what I now realize is a pretty large dose into my glass pipe with a screen. We mix it in with some ashes. I take a huge rip and hand it to my friend who proceeds to hit it. I thought for a split second "hey, maybe this isn't the real thing.." i was soon corrected when all the sound seemed to drown out to almost silence. I felt this insanely intense body high coming on then a big white flash. after the white broke away all of my vision was at the 100% hallucinating level. maximum visual distortion. these two big trees in front of me grew bigger and bigger and swayed left to right as if they were dancing. everything was intense. i was tripping so hard i almost fell over i had to go sit down on my friends porch. i was looking at a fence and the fence was moving.. the individual boards were moving in their own way. then, within the fence, i saw vivid fractals, triangles, squares, crazy shapes, zig zag lines. the fence had literally turned purple. The trees were all dancing in unison left to right. pieces of my vision were being warped and twisted. i couldn't help but smile.

then... everything started to get less and less intense after about 7 or so minutes. within 10 minutes total i was back to baseline. i saw strange ghosts and heard this tone... it was like a wawawawawa or something. if you've tripped on dmt you know what i'm talking about.

My friends and I tripped several times and discovered there's different levels of dmt trip. the high level,  the semi-hard mushroom like trip, and hyperspace (where you're supposed to get every time)  

the best method of smoking dmt is mixing it with ash in a glass pipe with a screen. mixing with weed is OK but ash works way better. Don't use a crack pipe or meth pipe it sucks and its harsh.

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