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the lost coast

First time I ate a full eighth of mushrooms.

First time I ate a full eighth of mushrooms. I was ready for it, I wanted to lose my face in order to see what usually isn't there...It was at night on a beach and a bunch of us were on the beach. I looked up at the stars and I saw a constellation of Bob Marley, I realized it begun, It was pretty cold out so I decided to go back to the fire and warm up...There I picked up a drum and tripped on the fire for a good hour or so. I saw the sticks burning as totem poles and thought thats how indians came up with them. There were faces in the flames constantly morphing, shifting, melting. Finally a friend woke me out of my trance and we started to joke and laugh...We got this kid from Iowa to trip for the first time on mushrooms and he had fun but he would disappear for large increments of time, He said something in a Iowan drawl and I said " Thats Crazy Talk" everyone started to laugh...The end of the night wasn't as fun because my girlfriend wanted to leave and everyone didn't want her too because it was dangerous so I went with her and we got home all safe and sound...

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