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My view on life

A trip and Its effect on my life

My long time friend, whom we will call Glen, called me a few times within the last 10 days, saying that we should find booms to buy and eat them with one of our newest friends, whom we will call Moon. A few days before we planned to boom, Glen and I went to see my guitar player Trucker. I played a few songs with his Ska-core project. One of the kids played clarinet. I believe that is enough to explain how it went. By the time Glen and I were ready to leave we fronted $100 dollars to my guitar player, and left. 

The next day, I went and picked up my Half-O present. (I'm actually new to this, so please tell me if that is a fair price in Utah) I went home, and separated the rations up according to how much each person was pitching. about 2g for Glen and I, and 1.5 for Moon, and her friend, (Ruth), who I had recently found was going to join us. 

The day everyone was free was a Thursday, and Glen long-boarded down to my house. We then took my car and picked up what i affectionately called "The Bitches." We then drove to a popular Trail-head on Wasatch Blvd. In the parking-lot we chomped them down, and started up the Trail. Since I had done it the last time I boomed, I decided to leave my shoes. After heading up and getting to a Bridge with many rocks around, one of the Bitches asked if we brought the lighter for the cigarettes. Since I don't smoke tobacco, and I wanted to travel lightly, I had not thought to bring one. I then gave them my keys to the bitches, so they could get one. I had decided to jump up onto one of the larger near-by rocks, and Glen soon followed. After about 30 minutes we decided they had surly died on their way back to the river, so we started back to collect their bodies. After climbing back up away from the river, we waited for a while, maybe their re-animated corpses would start walk up towards the top of the trail towards, us, and we wanted to make sure we had a quick get-away, just in case. Luckily, they soon showed up, panting and wheezing, but very much alive. We walked back to the river and the bridge. We waited there for a while, so they could have cigarette in a cool place. We then started debating what we should do. Ruth, being the slight fatty that she was, wanted to stay right where we were. The rest of us would not stand for it. We had come to see the lake, and damn-it, we were going to see it. Glen and I had decided to boom later, so we could see the sunset. I proposed we should go to the top the hill, where we had the perfect Zombie escape route. There I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The colors from the sun peeking from out from behind the clouds filled my vision, to the point i noticed my actual perception was expanding with my every breath. I saw shades of purple and orange I had never seen before. Mixtures of light, and shadows I have never seen. It could be the most beautiful thing I will ever see. We stayed there until long after the sun was hidden completely behind the clouds. We decided to relocate to at least the Bridge again. Soon after sitting down for another cigarette, it was obvious we were all booming. The girls were wrapped around each other in love, and Glen was petting every plant around. After several minutes, and after the Ladies had returned from "popping a squat" we followed the trail again. After several stops, and Moon running off to find how far the lake was, we arrived about twenty minutes from the moon-rise. After the others dropped off their bags, we decided to sit on a grouping of rocks that took up a majority of the lake front. It was still pretty light (the sky was still pretty blue) and I saw the greatest land-scape ever. Just past the water several trees were growing. I saw things moving through them on several occasions. After that, there were gradual hills until the steep cliffs that the Rockies are famous for commanded your attention. In the center, and probably two miles from where we were sitting, were two faces of rock shooting up several hundred feet. To the right, just on the other side of the lake was a rock face my brother had told me he had climbed several times. Literally there were mountains on every side of us. As the sky darkened, and the moon began to rise, a group of five kids that went to our school came down to the rocks, and sat near us. I was sitting on a rock to myself, and looking at the moon waiting for it to rise. They were in a circle, all talking to one another. I felt like I was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world, and they were just gawking at one-another, talking (no joke) about what they were going to to in church in a few days.  I wanted to yell at them for not even noticing what was just behind their backs. Soon, a small furry friend I had made only minutes before they had arrived scared them off. "It's almost curfew" I heard one of them say just before they were out of sight. 

Soon, we found it was too dark to enjoy the area to it's fullest, so we started back for the car. While at the lake, Glen had decided to take of his shoes, because I made it look so fun. Now, Glen hadn't spent much time outdoors, and had not had a lot of experience without his shoes on while around dangers. I, on the other hand, had successfully (and purposely) stepped on glass without cutting myself. I would not recommend this unless completely necessary. In my case, someone had smashed a bottle of vodka across the path. Anyway, his inexperience was very painful. He slipped, stabbed, and damn near every thing you don't want to do while barefoot near rocks. This led to a lot of blood, and pain. Once we got to the car, he washed off his feet with the rest of the water we had. 

Now is where it was a little scary. I had to drive down a mountain road, with very poor visibility (my wind-shield had water-stains all over, and it made night-driving very hard on me). I'm think I almost got in 3 accidents, but I'm only sure about 1. I was waiting for a light to turn left, and once it had, my simply turned without thinking about any other cars. An oncoming car was going straight, but he had not been stopped by the light. I went, I suppose thinking he was farther away than he really was. He was past the right window of my car before i made the turn.... no horn though, so i guess that's a good sign. 

After I had dropped everyone off at home, I came home to a very large bowl of Ice-cream, Grape juice, and Dragon-ball Z. After that 30 minute episode was over, I decided to participate in a few games of Call of Duty. I found my self giggling over the mic, and staring at a few of the walls. I did pretty well, actually. Then for about two hours, I played the acoustic guitar in my basement. This was amazing. I was putting every emotion I could think of into the music. I felt something similar to an orgasm several times before I stopped. 

I would say this was the most enlightening nights into my inner self. Before this night, I thought I would never be able to love basically anyone ever again. After a large amount of dialog lost to my horrible short-term memory loss, I am sure I could fall in love Moon, should the opportunity arise. I found that I love to do basically nothing, but be emotional. I like to look at stuff. I like music. I like playing music. And I like eating mushrooms. The four nights I've spent after doing them have been the best (each better than the last) nights of my life. My life has definably improved from doing mushrooms.

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