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Recees PeanutButter "Caps"


This is a recipe for those of you with a hefty sweet tooth and an appetite for insanity. this recipe is intended for experienced psychonauts.
It will make six psychedelic recees cups

1) One 12oz bag of milk chocolate chips.(semi-sweet is fine)
2) One bag of powdered sugar.(you don't need a bag the size of mine, as you wont use too much of it)
3) One jar of your preferred brand of peanut-butter. (crunchy might be interesting to try)
4) One box of foil baking sheets.(its important that you get the foil ones)
5) A double boiler setup.(if you don't know how to make one, then http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how to setup a double boiler )
6) A spatula and some spoons for mixing
7) Some plates or bowls for mixing.
8) 21 grams of dried, finely ground mushrooms(an eighth in each or however much you'd like to add)

Once you have all of your ingredients and a kitchen to make it all in your ready to go!

STEP ONE: Preparing your peanut-butter.

1) Get around two tablespoons of peanut butter and put it in your bowl or plate. ( i know it sounds like a lot but an eighth has a lot of surface area)
2) Toss an eighth of finely ground mushrooms right on top.
3) Add half a teaspoon of powdered sugar.
4) Add a quarter teaspoon of flour.
5) Mix it all together really well, making sure to get everything incorporated properly. (dont add anymore peanut butter until your sure you cant mix it together any better)
6) Repeat the process 5 more times and you should end up with this:

NOTE: this is the hardest process just because it takes a good bit of time, have a friend help you and you can finish all six in about 15 minutes

STEP TWO: Assembly.

1) Begin melting your chocolate on the double boiler being sure to stir it once in a while
2) While your chocolate is melting, start flattening your peanut butter balls into disks that will fit in the foil cups but not touch the sides of it
3) Your chocolate should be done melting, make sure that its not too hot nor two cold, if you can put your finger in it without it hurting, then your ready to continue
4) Get your spatula(or spoon whichever you chose) and put a layer of chocolate on the bottom of a foil baking cup.
5) get a peanut-butter disk and place it in your foil cup. center it in the middle of the cup make sure its not touching the sides.
6) Spoon some more chocolate on to the top and be sure to completely coat the peanut butter.
7) repeat for the rest of the peanut butter disks.

someone got into the chocolate the night before i made these so for one of them i had to settle for melting a snickers down as the chocolate source.
hope you enjoy this recipe, use it wisely. i tried to post pictures but it diddnt work. please help me out with that so you can seee the pictorial

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