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The State Park on Shroomies?

Hell Yes

Ok, I was with my broseph and we were going to the state park on a beautiful, sunny, hot day. When we got there, I whipped out some shroomskies and we ate them in the car. Then we went on a walk to let them kick in. On our walk we started to get hot and my stomach felt funny so we stopped. We layed down under a tree in the woods and waited. And then the magic kicked in to mother fucking hyper drive. The sun was coming through the leaves in a thousand different colors and the tree in front of me was breathing and bending. Birds and other regular sounds were loud and beautiful. We started to walk back toward the pond and walking felt effortless. I felt like I wasn't using ny muscles to move. When we got down to the water I layed down in the grass. People were looking at me with that, "What the fuck?" look, but I didn't care. I looked up at the sky and watched this crazy-sick-ass kaleidoscope of every different kind of blue and purple and white and held onto the grass I was laying on for support. Then as I was cloud gazing I saw a cloud dragon come out of a cloud tunnel and chase after another cloud dragon. It was crazy amazing shit. For the next 6 hours I was loving every second of my trip.
I HIGHLY recomend eating your shroomies at around 5 or 6 o' clock so that you can experience nature during the day and at night.

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