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Nothing! Becky!

After smoking a bowl of weed then rolling on some strong e for 3 hours, i ate 4g with a cookie.

After smoking a bowl of weed then rolling on some strong e for 3 hours, i ate 4g with a cookie. Having done 2.5g in my only previous shroomery experience, i was expecting something similar, mellowness, slight flowing and movement of already existing patterns and pictures (eg. wood grain, wall mottling, billboards), but that's not what i got this time. There was no introductory irritablity or nausea this time during the first half hour. Just a sudden amplification of the visual sense that made it almost impossible to even move when in a well lighten environment due to overstimulation. Kaleidoscopic patterns in strong red, green and blue colours were on every surface. My thoughts became so muddled, i could barely hang on to the fact that i was at a vacation resort with friends. I couldn't talk or listen coherently, forcing myself to get out single words in a very quiet voice. Following conversations was impossible and my thinking was very very slow. Then an hour later i just lost it, people just appeared and disappeared around me. I could barely move, having to beg my body to start moving. I heard music playing downstairs that was annoying me at it seemed to take an hour to make the 2 minute trip down to shut it off and come back up to the bedroom. I lost track of time and what day of the week it was. Then I layed down on the bed and slipped further away from reality, thinking i had seriously damaged myself metally on this shroom trip and had ended up in a hospital where friends were coming to visit me. People would flash into existence at the bedside and kept asking who the person lying where i was lying was and the responce was always "It's Paul". I thought "my god, how long have i been in the hospital that people can't even recognize me anymore." Everyone but my friend Becky left the house at one point and it being so quiet and me and Becky being in a dark room, i started to think reality had disappeared and there i was, a disembodied entity floating in a limitless dark void, alone. Then i'd remember Becky lying besides me and i'd get anchored to reality again. Then back to nothingness. There's nothing, there's Becky, again and again. This seemed to go on for at least half an hour, with me occastionally saying "I think i'm going insane" to Becky when i was on the mortal plane. Then people started returning to our condo and came to visit me and Becky. I started adding what i could to the conversations they had around me. Mostly very quiet single words that didn't fit in the conversation. My friends realized i was coming back from a very far away place at that point and began to welcome me back to the real world as i came down.

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