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a stage production in a lucid dream

1st time psychedelic experience.

For a long time i have wanted to try some form of psychedelic substance(i smoke cannabis fairly often), but have just recently decided that i am finally mentally prepared to take a "trip" into my mind. At 19 years old i feel like i am at a good point in my life in which to do so, i have been doing a thorough research for almost a month on many psychoactive substances. Of course i began with wanting to eat shrooms but being where i live, we are "dry" so i moved onto something legal, being significantly easier to obtain. I researched salvia which did not really sound like what i was looking for and i also found out it is illegal in my state so i found San Pedro cactus and found out i would have to consume almost 1lb of a terrible tasting plant so i decided that too was a no go. FINALLY i discovered Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, by all of the reading i had done i found that it would be easy to eat, have stomach upset, have OE/CE visuals,etc. 

I bought 50 of the hawaiian strain seeds from an online vendor and received them today and wanted to immediately try them at 3:23pm(I was off today so i knew i would not be restricted by time)i smoked a bowl before, to help the whole nausea conflict, and i did not do any kind of preparation or scrape off any fuzz for i thought that would just waste time and be completely unnecessary. If you have done enough research you would find people have said numerous times that "the fuzz causes nausea", "extract with lemon juice", "extract with cold water", "put honey in the extraction water", "i threw up", etc. I opened the baggie and popped 4 in my mouth and ate them like i would a gobstopper, this took about 15 minutes at most so i recommend not fooling around with most of those myths and speculations for i almost immediately felt a mind change(maybe it was just the weed, but i don't think that was the case, it was different...), i got them down and they tasted like sunflower seeds with a fresh earthy taste which was completely tolerable and also smoked a smaller bowl.

 I started feeling a slight rise in heart rate and physical discomfort at 4:10pm so i layed down on my couch and watched tv then invited my very trustworthy friend "A" over to hang out. Me and him wanted to do this experience together but i decided i would test them out first so i wouldn't be responsible for both of us getting a bunk bunch of seeds or over dosing. I began feeling heavily stoned yet completely active, the discomfort on my couch subsided 10 minutes later when my friend arrived and i had my first "wave",i answered the door and sunlight filled my whole living room and brought so much delight to me and i was nothing but grins and light giggles which i enjoyed a lot and thought to myself "5 hours of this will be just fine"(estimating thats how long it would take effect on me). He was up and ready to take me for a car ride to eat somewhere and go do some kind of natural activity after figuring out what i was dealing with, i believed this idea was perfect because i had an urge to just be outside in the summer heat and to eat (i had no nausea whatsoever), we hopped in the car to go to Steak and Shake at 4:30pm.

The car ride was almost overwhelming as i realized every car was shining spectacularly in the slowly setting sun and they were all moving so fluidly and at one together, we arrived at our destination and i was cautious of being around several people in the restaurant i did not know because that is considered a bad move on a trip ,although i remarkably did not feel any tension or anything. I looked around my new surrounding and noticed how many squares there were on each tile pattern , my mind went blank, it was almost as if the equation to figure how many squares there would be was IMPOSSIBLE, i felt like i had just googled the word "google" .The food came and i started to get a little anxious because i felt like i was being constricted to being in doors when all i wanted to do was be moving or, like i said before, be outside. So we ate the food and i excitedly got in the car and had an immediate urge to smoke a cigarette, then pick out some appropriate music (i chose a band called Tame Impala's cd) as he drove my car through country roads,where the landscapes were unreal, i felt myself about to go through another ,yet stronger, wave around 5:10pm ( i began to lose myself in time). 

The lucidity came over me like a soft airy breeze and i started losing memory when i was feeling this. I do remember seeing trees as set pieces , like they were painted wood or something for a play production but at the same time 3 dimensional (i want to say it was 2.5 dimensions as insane as that sounds) but thats the only way i can try to describe it . My friend kept on trying to snap me out of my fascination with the environment that was at hand and i could not even fathom anything else ever looking so perfect so of course i tried to ignore him but thought that would be rude since he IS being an extremely good "sitter" so i recommend we go to a local park with a lake at 6pm(?).

As i proceed to walk up to the lake we had traveled to , i pulled out another cigarette and urinated on a tree where an uncountable amount of thoughts flew through my brain about bodily function and gardening, this was probably because i remember thinking my pee would make this tree be invincible to something as strong as a nuclear bomb. I walked to a dock going out onto the lake, where i believe i began peaking because i don't remember any particular moments of being just a light buzzed for the next 1.5 hours(?). The water was reflecting the sun rays and making me 10x hotter than it already was and i found this unbearable but somehow stood there in 100 degree weather and looked(for what seemed like ages) at the trees reflecting on the water and slowly swaying with each wave kind of like i was in my brain, and i "related" with the water and how it was feeling. I ran to the car after this and begged that the air conditioner be put on as high as it could and quickly found comfort.

As we made our way back to my house at 7:30(?) i was still feeling and seeing the same sort of things i had continuously been noticing throughout my WHOLE trip, we walk inside and i had never been so relieved to be somewhere and i smoke yet another cigarette and me and A started talking about what i had been experiencing but i continuously fell out of conversation noticing the walls of my living room starting to close in on me and kept laughing at how "generic" my whole trip had been leading up to that point but then i became kind of irritated that the whole day was just a recap of everything i had read on the internet, i just wanted my OWN trip but snapped out of this state of thought because i knew it was overall great and i had no complaints even if it was "generic".

At 9pm A left and i was still feeling some sort of euphoria but still not a coming down feeling but i started speaking with my sister about how mentally and physically worn out i was and how i kind of almost just wanted it to end, it was kind of like feeling like you would after you watched 6 hours of disney movies or something. We watched tv until 10pm when i started coming down(very very gradually) and a sudden sense of depression was in my mind because i already began missing how perfect everything was ,despite feeling annoyed by it all. 

It is presently 3am and i am still coming down almost to completely sober and the depression has long gone and i feel no hangover side effects except for a very mild headache. My first experience was successful and i don't think it could have possibly gone any better. I cannot compare my experience to anything but i can proudly say i have returned from my trip without any bad moments and am 100% going to eat these babies again and am definitely going to explore the psychedelic culture and substances more in depth. My next dose of these will be 7 and i will return with another trip report.

P.s. throughout my trip ,my heart rate was considerably higher than usual, so take this into account if you are interested in these. and i also never experienced CE visuals/hallucinations(probably because of the dose) which is not a complaint . 
thanks for reading, z.

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