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Blastoff on shrooms (Long story)

Night of discovery

Ok, so last night me and a pretty close friend of mine ( he will be J) decided to do some shrooms. It was his first time, my fifth time. I had never tripped with anyone else before, only solo, so this was gonna be a new experience. We had this scheduled for about 6 days, so i was totally amped about it. Were both regular tokers so we decided we would keep that on hand for when we wanted it. Had the bong pre loaded and back up already ground and ready to fill. It was decided that he would come over at like 7-7:30, didnt eat since 2pm so i would induce on an empty stomach. So this is my story of the night as well as i can remember it, the times aren't 100% but should be close.

7:00       Another friend that is more his friend than mine (though we all chill often and toke up) asked if he could chill with us, ( for sake of the story he will be A) at first i thought that would be weird with us tripping and him not, so i offered to lower my dose and share with him, he said ok and i told him to come on over. A beat J to my house, so we just caught up with life in general with my wife as well. J arrives about 20 mins later. As soon as J arrives we cut the lemons and i put half of the shrooms ( 2gs each lemon tek'd, had another 2g we were just going to eat 30 mins later) in a coffee grinder to powder em up. So since we have to wait like half an hour for the shrooms to be ready, we go out and chill on the back porch, J, A and myself, wife stayed inside (she doesn't mess with any substance, weed, shrooms, etc).

8:00      Turns out A didnt want to do them with us after all, he was just gonna toke up. So were out there on the porch, A is toking, J is smoking a cig, and im just chillin and talking (i dont smoke cigs). J realizes that he's almost out of cigarettes, its about 8-8:20 now i think...so we go in and down the lemon tek'd shrooms and then roll out to a convenience store to get him more cigarettes. When we were outside before on the deck we decided to play some Guitar Hero while we were coming up. So we get back to the house, i grab the drums and they get guitars. I start to feel the muscles in my body start to relax about 10 mins after we got back to the house and was like, here we go! So after like 2 songs im starting to feel it, and so is J. We start laughing like crazy and saying stupid shit and totally messing up on the game (i was on hard, and usually play expert ). So we do another 5 song set and decide to stop cause we were doing to bad, it was so funny! J and I then decide to eat the other 2g's dry. Since the sun is going down now, i light some tiki torches and we just chill outside and talk and listen to music. A stayed on his phone the whole time, J and I were looking at the sky and the trees and just having a good time, we do this for like an hour i guess.

9:00      The trip is going good at this point, we were still talking and having fun. I decide imma go inside and get headphones, i felt like i was hogging the music since they dont listen to what i listen to. I come out with a blanket a drink and my zune and proceed to lay on the hammock outside. WOW! watching the clouds go by and the stars, with a light breeze, absolutely incredible. I just kinda zoned out looking at the sky for about what seemed like an hour or so. I feel like its been a while so i get up to see whats up with J and A. A is about to leave, i was kinda glad, so J and I could focus on our trip. At this point it kinda seemed like we were  coming down or something, like the trip was leaving... so we decide its time for weed.  We get the weed, my wife says she has a headache and is about to go to bed. We burn the bowl.

10:00      Im guessing it was about 10, maybe later, im not sure. Were both feeling VERY good! Everything is waving and breathing, OMG the trees!! spectacular!! It was a very nice night, were outside on the back deck, cause J liked it better out there so he can smoke at will, i also wanted to stay outside cause it was so awesome. We both just kinda do our own thing, i hooked J up with some headphones and im wearing mine. He made a call to share the experience with another friend. My wife put a pizza in for us before she went to sleep since i hadnt eaten since way early this afternoon. Im really feeling the music at this point, the weed amplified the trip x10 and im dancing and having a great time, J is vegging out in a chair playing with his phone. We eat some pizza, and reloaded and ripped the bong like 3 bowl fulls. Then we both just space out and do our thing, i keep dancing and tripping hard.

12:00     I went inside to get J the macbook, he loves to play on the computers. I realize he's good to go just chillin outside, so i decide imma go on a walk around the neighborhood. Just kept my headphones on and just started walking. It was like i was watching a movie, except as i was walking it was a movie about my life. I kept thinking how much i've changed and what my future holds. I end up going around the block and down the street and come to this church thats on the corner of a very busy intersection, i live in a city. I sat here for about what i think to be an hour or so, just watching all the cars go by, just contemplating the universe and my path. Watching all the people in they're busy lives. It was just amazing to me how busy it was, its always that busy, but this night just seemed particularly more busy.  So much going on, all the lights from the car dealership and the street lights. The grass had this layer of fog just floating on the top about a foot, saw a cat just do its thing, made me feel like such a small fish in a very big pond. After the hour i decide its probably time to go, so i get up and keep walking. There is this radio tower right next to my street, so i walked up to it (its all fenced in) and looked at it, with its lights on it, seemed like it was a million miles tall, the clouds and stars were the backdrop behind the tower, was really cool. I only stay here for like 5 mins and press on, to home. I was coming down the street and noticed J was about to leave. He informed me that my wife came out and was wondering where i was and we just sat and talked about my experience and his for about 10 mins. He leaves, and my wife is freaked out, i guess she didnt really like me just walking around tripping, she wanted to come look for me! She doesnt really get the whole tripping thing but after i promise her imma stay home she goes back to bed and i retire to 'my room'. 

1:27      I had a feeling my trip was almost over, cause it had been several hours and i know they only last roughly 6 hours.  So i pack the bong one last time, burn the whole thing. I got to my room with no lights on, just lay on my futon. This was the most intense part of the trip. I decided to put on Pink Floyd's Wish you were here album. Started with Shine on you crazy diamond, then led into Welcome to the machine. By the end of Shine on you crazy diamond, i was full on tripping, HARD! Colors everywhere, 3-dimensional diagrams and patterns, all moving, incredible CEV's. Welcome to the machine came on, i felt like i couldnt move!! It was incredible, full open and closed eye visuals and OMG that song is the SHIT! At this point im just going over the whole night and in awe of the visuals,  i hadn't experienced that before, i had just read about it. After that i take the headphones off and just sit in the silence for a little while and enjoy some more visuals and just thinking about anything and everything. Next thing i know, my wife is waking me up the next morning! at like 6 or 7. I guess at some point i fell asleep.

This trip was my best yet, a true testiment to the experience that shrooms can offer. I know i left out SOO many details that words simply cant say. What an amazing night! I talked to J today and he said he had a great time, and would like to do them again. So hopefully i can find some more someday soon and try this again. Just thought i would share this amazing night with everyone, hope it was a good read, sorry if i rambled

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