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Most Important Experiences Of My Life

Dual trip report

                This past week of June 14-20th I have learned more about how to enjoy life then I have in a long time. From an artistic and perhaps romantic point of view, life is what you make it. From a psychological point of view its all about how much serotonin your brain releases.

                Today I realized that life has its ups and downs; its yin and yang. Strangely, I have always started the day in a down sort of mood and picked myself up (this week especially).

                On Thursday June 17th I tried my first hit of lsd. It was a pulsing energy that ran through me. Ironically, just as Albert Hoffman tried his first lsd experience riding a bike I did too. I thought I had injected a fake dose of lsd because I wasn’t feeling any effects even an hour after taking it. So I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful and sunny day that I was blessed with. I rode to my favorite park, not far from my house. THEN IT GRACED ME WITH ITS PRESENCE. Thankfully I took my backpack that included the precious treasures that made my lsd experience even more magical. In my backpack I had packed an Mp3 player, pizza, nuetrigrain bars, markers and paper.  I sat by the creek watching the water shimmer in the sun while drawing and listening to Red Hot Chile Peppers and John Mayer.

                My feelings were so amplified; I literally cried tears of joy while looking at nature’s vast beauty. I cried even more realizing that my brain served as a vehicle for such creativity and positive energy that could be contributed towards the world. That day I realized life was too precious to be wasted on being mad at the government and it’s corruption. That night I ran with my dogs like I had never ran before; with a conscious as free and barren as the grassy fields that lay before me.

                Sunday, June 20th I took a small dosage of shrooms. 1 gram perhaps, all I wished was to feel the joy I had on Thursday. It worked, I photographed amazing pictures of Daddy Long Legs on the rose petals of my garden. I hit a luminescently green tennis ball against my house. Once again I ran with my golden retriever and caroen terrier through the park.  The clouds were peach and violet colored in the sunset. The lightning bugs glowed like little sparks of life.  Now I find myself writing about the two most important experiences of my life.

                Even if this feeling I have is just a surplus of serotonin, it is a feeling everyone has the right to experience. This is the feeling of love for life. If more people experienced it in the world; it would be a better place. I am a happy man, I have discovered my life; a life worth living.

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