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My First Time

Hello Boys and Girls, Thought I would share my first trip with all of you.

Hello Boys and Girls,

Thought I would share my first trip with all of you. Now that I've given shrooms a try I am doing all this research on it. I mean, I never really thought I do this sort of thing since I was taught to just say,"no." But after thinking for myself I gave it a try.

My boyfriend has some connections, and he was having a party at his house. The night before a bunch of his buddies brought some shrooms over and he saved a stem for me. I injested my stem around 9:30 PM. I really didnt mind the taste of it at all. Kinda like munching dry wood chips. Anyhow, 10:30 rolled on by and I wasnt feeling much. In fact, I was wondering if anything was going to happen at all. Some more people showed up at the party, including his friend that he had done shrooms with the night before.

The friend stated that they had a stem and half a cap and they were rolling just fine within a hour or so. Since nothing seemed to be happening he offered me half a cap which tasted like a sour cracker. Maybe 30 minutes go on by... It was hard to tell since I moved to the living room and decided to watch some TV. I slowly started to feel.... diffrent. Nothing highly unusual just yet. I felt a little off. During the movie, they showed a scene that I thought was hilarious. Of course the show was funny but not THAT funny! I laughed so hard I was rolling on the ground. This got everyone else laughing to. These laughing bits only happened maybe three times and I felt some what dissapointed because nothing more was happening...

Again, time seemed to be passing slowly, I was really anticipating the drugs effects which seemed to be minor. I met up with my boyfriend in the kitchen to pour myself a rum and coke. As I was pouring the rum into my empty glass my boyfriend started freaking out. I had poured half the glass up with rum. Lets just say my depth perception was WAY off. I insisted, that the glass wasnt half full and poured the coke in. He watched me sip, seeing the bitter look crawl over my face. Yes, the glass had a lot of rum in it. At this point my boyfriend started teasing me... The closer he got to my face the more his facial hair seemed to... get fuzzy or move. This was even a bigger incentive for him to tease me. I felt a bit akward or relaxed inside my own body. Although I could hold myself up my mannerisms became casual, my posture relaxed. I also noticed how open I was with people. I felt very confident talking with others. Not that Im shy in general, I was just very brave. By any means I didnt feel stupidly brave like Im gonna jump off the roof and fly. It wasnt like that. Just a lot of inner strength.

The night progressed, and the one light in the kitchen seemed to glow more golden as opposed to white light. I thought I saw a hint of rainbow but convinced myself I was over reacting... that, those rainbows are there to begain with. Just light reflecting a certain way off the glass. A prism in other words. Soon everyone who came to sit with me or near me in the living room started to look intensely beautiful. There looks didnt change by any means. For instance someone I would consider to be homely didnt turn into a supermodel. People were pretty for exactly what they looked like. Imperfections were considered nothing or they were considered beautiful to. Because everyone was looking so appealing I noticed my eyes were wide open... however my face was relaxed... My boyfriend discribes this as a very lustfull look although I didnt feel sexual towards anyone. Again, I was seeing a lot of beautiful people and this put me in enchantment of everyone.

Another weird thing associated to lovely people was the way they talked. Mostly everyone seemed to speek eloquently with mature sophistication. I was anmoured by the way people spoke yet felt insecure by it. Like I was suddenly becoming inedquate (sp?). But this didnt stop me from gawking or smiling at them.

Now my boyfriend comes by to sit next to me again and this time his facial hair... or lets say face in general was three deminsional. Like a 3D movie. Everyone was starting to look like that. I could see every fine pore or wrinkle magnified when they were closer to me. A couple of times I had to lean away from them to feel comfortable.

So during this trip a friend of mine pointed out how large my pupils were. I went to the bathroom to look. Sure enough they were, and now the disconnection of reality begain to kick in. But it wasnt scary at all. I saw myself and of course everything was magnified.... However when most people look in the mirror theres these mental or emotional hang ups or even positive feelings we get when we look at ourselves. I felt none of that. Nothing bad or good, and I didnt feel indiffrent either. In fact, I didnt recognise myself so much but I was appreciative of the fact that it was me. Ok, a lil weird there I know, but lets go on. ;)

Again, I was relaxed, everyone was beautiful in more ways then one. At one point I stepped outside and the light of things wasnt nearly as distracting as the pitch blackness of the night sky. I was more so drawn to dark things as opposed to light. Holding a conversation was a lot more difficult to. The words came together in my head but the person I was talking to, in general, talked fast. That wasnt part of the trip. So trying to say something to him proved difficult anyhow. I just couldnt say much.

After everyone had gone I closed my eyes. When I did I saw kelidoscope patterns but in dull grey or toned down colors. They changed shape and patterns to those like you see in a stained glass cathedral window. Speeking at this point didnt include paragraphs or even full sentances. I almost felt to lazy to, or even care to speek. However I had nothing but good things to say when I did talk. Mostly about the deep feelings I felt or the love I had for my boyfriend. I was really happy!

At one point I tried walking down the hallway with my boyfriends assistance. I started laughing and fell down. It wasnt a nasty fall, just kinda like slummping to the ground, all the while laughing at myself. I even started crying at one point. But not because I was sad or scared.... just crying, sobbing. But I was ok! I was having a good time! However I could not sleep. It was 4AM and my head was swimming. At this point I was tired but could do nothing about it. I hated it! It took a long time for me to feel normal again... unfortunately for all you ladies out there, dont trip when youre getting ready for your period. Cramps feel ten times worse when youre shrooming.

In conclusion my shrooming experience was great. I thought it had changed my life...although those great feelings and realisations seemed to fade as the trip did. But who knows, its only been a few hours after the experience. What would I do diffrently or what would I do before my next mushroom encounter?

1. I would have taken it earlier in the day. Remember it takes a while for you to feel anything and it takes a long time to sober up.

2. Have some food ready for consumption. When I was trying to sober up food helped a lot.

3. I think it would be more fun to trip with others who were taking shrooms also. In this case I was by myself and the other people were either getting high or drunk. Although I had a good time, its nice when the other people cant sleep either so you have each other to cling to. ;)

4. Ladies, dont trip when its close to that time in the month. I was a bit more sensative to my own pain then before. Maybe it varies from person to person but heres what I think anyhow.

Next time I'd like to get a lil tribal. Get some cool music playing and turn off the damned TV. Just commune with people or trip out on each other.

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