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Shrooms on a whim

not a good idea


    I'm a very philosophical person and I had always been interested in shrooms and exploring myself and this world with different perspectives. So one day at work i decided I wanted to shroom after I got off. None of my friends had money to do it too, although they wanted to. I didn't care I was too excited and I couldn't wait any longer. It was nighttime and two of my good friends came over to just hang with me while I tripped, but now I realize the setting was terrible. I was moving out of my house so it wasn't very usual or comfortable. My friends have no knowledge about shrooms or how to act when someone is on them.
    I picked up 2 gs of gold caps and ate them on an empty stomach.
I chewed them plain while holding my nose and chasing it with mountain dew. The shrooms didnt taste as bad as I expected; they tasted like bad cardboard, idk how else to explain it. I expected to start feeling something at about 30 minutes to an hour, but I started feeling it in 15 minutes. The first thing I felt was a body high, I said to my friends "I think I feel something, everything's different." Turning my head and looking at things felt different, I didn't see anything though. I didn't know that I was really tripping yet though and I went to the bathroom and I started to bug out somewhat. I was thinking "damn there's no going back now." Which was a bad thought so I kind of shrugged it off.  I don't remember how long I thought about this or when I thought about it but normally I always think about how EVERYTHING is perception. So when I was tripping this scared me because I was scared of my own perception. I was scared of seeing things in a scary way.. But on the other hand if everything is perception things can be amazing too no matter the circumstance. After that I told my friends I wanted to eat but I didn't have food at my house and I didnt want to drive so my friend took me to mcdonalds.
    Riding in the car was awesome, the body high felt so cool as the car accelerated. It felt like we were going so fast but we weren't, it was a little scary due to that and the fact that my friend driving isn't too experienced. My window was down and i had my elbow resting on the door and my hand holding the roof, and after keeping it still like that for a few minutes I felt like my arm was connected to the car. I had a lot of moments of hard laughter followed by quiet seriousness. My emotions were so odd. Then pulling up and ordering was kind of a bug I didn't want to deal with any people. I tried to eat my burger but I couldn't, I had no appetite and the mcdonalds was just gross to me. We went back to my house and I was feeling some anxiety. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, watch a movie or walk around or what. So we took a walk and the leaves on trees seemed to move differently, I remember saying "this tree looks so cool right now" haha Then my friend pulled up in his car as we were walking and he has neon lights under his car and was flashing them and I stood mesmerized by the lights just appreciating the color. Everything was brighter and more vivid, especially the stars and the moon.
    We headed back to my house and I was standing in my driveway looking at the ground. My driveway is made of different shaped bricks and as I stared at it it kind of shifted to the left almost like when a TV screen is messed up and the same picture kind of goes outward like a deck of cards and each picture was a different color. Then the grains in the asphalt were moving like ants. I thought all this was awesome. Then we headed inside to watch Yes Man and as soon as it started playing I wanted to walk again. I was very indecisive and my perception of time was off. As we watched the movie there was a part where Jim Carrey's face started elongating at his cheek and his whole body was outlined in a deep red and the screen seemed to shift into the TV's blackness.
    After watching that for a bit I heard my next door neighbor singing loudly due to being drunk. I walked out on my back porch and I could see him and a couple of his friends on his and he asked me to meet him out front. I kind of got anxious about seeing people but I decided to meet him any way. My friends and I met him outside, my neighbor is 30 I'm 19 btw, and my friend told him I was tripping on shrooms. So he put his arms in the air and made some weird noises to fuck with me which pissed me off. Then he went in his house with my friends to make some cocktails but I didnt want to go in and see his friends so I just chilled outside. Once my friends came out pretty tipsy after like 10 minutes we took another walk and this is when my mind opened more. I saw things in different ways and I felt like I could figure anything out. I told my friends to ask me whatever they wanted because I had all the answers haha so we went to my neighbors because I wasn't feeling anxious anymore and I was talking with one of his friends that has shroomed before. It was nice just chilling and I just wanted to hold my friend, who's a girl. I felt very loving and happy.
    A little while later I was drinking some beer and my friend with the neon lights came by and we decided to go back to my house. My girl friend had to take my other friend home that lives in the same neighborhood as me so she took him and ended up getting lost cause she was drunk. So she called me and I was with my other friend alone and he told me that when I answered to just say balls over and over again to make her think I was tripping out. I laughed a little and just ignored his suggestion and when I said hello to her he started saying balls non stop in my face and I was just lmao and I couldn't say anything to my friend on the phone. After a few minutes of that she couldnt find her way back so i offered to drive and find her because I have a gps.
    We hopped in my car and plugged in the streets she was on and she started following me back to my house. At one point my headlights looked REALLY bright and I knew to turn left somehow but the area didn't look familiar whatsoever even though this is the neighborhood I grew up in my entire life. A while after my girl friend left my other friend stayed. I went in the bathroom and I was kinda bummed cause I felt a body high and saw some shit but things didnt breathe the entire time or anything. So I made a stupid decision to see if I was still tripping and started making faces at myself in the mirror. It kind of scared me, not because anything looked differerent or move odd really but I was seeing things in different ways and it just bothered me. I realized I was still tripping. Then as I opened my bathroom door to walk out my friend jumped out or nowhere and scared the shit out of me. I hate assholes that fuck with you while you're tripping. He just startled me so I was able to brush it off. Then he headed home and I pretty much wasn't tripping too much anymore and I don't remember what I did after that.
    All in all it was a good experience because it was so different and interesting. I wish I had a better, more fun setting and a higher dose of shrooms. Next time I'm going to get a bunch of shroom toys, do it during the day with nature, with one other person shrooming, and another person who I trust to watch us. I also want to have a xanax on hand just to reassure me that if things get bad I have a quick remedy. Also next time I'm not going to expect anything so I don't worry. I'm going to live in the moment as much as possible. I also want to try salvia. Happy safe trippin everyone =]

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