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Orange Shrooms

-my friend jr has never tripped although weve done opium before, I don’t know if you could call that a trip or not.

-my friend jr has never tripped although weve done opium before, I don’t know if you could call that a trip or not. ive tripped once before (on shrooms), not nearly as good as these, we both started smokin bud around 8 months ago, and since then we’ve found how to get the best bud in town.

my friend jr and I were looking to get an 8th of shrooms for the weekend, but the person we wanted to get them from said if we wanted some really good ones we had to wait till sat. we decided what the hell and we waited. sure enough saturday at about 1030pm we got the shrooms... they were orange and pretty damn expensive, 40/8th . our dude, "snakes", said we shouldnt eat them unless we had about 6 or 7 hours to fully trip because they were supposedly really good ones. He also told us that we should only eat about 1 cap and 1 stem each (bullshit I thought). So shit we couldn’t trip on sat because I just got caught drinking recently and had to be in by 1230 that night. So we said wed wait till next sat to trip.

On Monday I found out we (seniors only) didn’t have school on tues, Hell yes! I thought. My entire house would be empty because my little bro still had school and my parents were gone by 9am. I told jr to meet at my house at nine in the morning on Tuesday. I woke up before 9 to shower and shit and I saw my mom leave my house at about 850am. This was going to be good. Jr came over right at nine, and I had him park his car in the garage, just so it would look the least bit suspiscious (noone is over). We were debating on how much to eat, I thought there was no way in hell theyd work as good as he said so I ate 2 caps and 2 stems, jr ate 2 caps and 1 stem on an empty stomach. (I had to work that day at 5pm) DAMN! About 15 mins later I was getting really giddy and giggling a little, so was he. We looked in the mirror and our pupils were already just huge.

We decided then about 20 mins after ingestion that wed go smoke a cigarette while waiting for these to fully kick in. right as we were about to go outside my mom came home. (FUCK!) We had left the leftover shrooms and our bud and bowl out on my kitchen table. Jr ran up in my room and hid all of that shit real quick and came down as my mom was talking to me. I knew my eyes were huge so I tried to avoid looking at her, she picked up her papers she forgot and went right back to work and said she wouldn’t be home till like 7 or so that night. Phew.

Anyways we went back out, smoked our cigs, and by that time (30 mins) I was already getting visuals. My tree in my backyard looked so big I started to laugh my ass off for the longest time. Jr reminded me it was time to smoke bud. We went into my porch which is a big room with windows everywhere and we smoked some purple bud I had which works great. Damn after my first couple of hits I forgot jr was there, like I was passing the bowl to nothing and a few seconds later Id get it back. I started to hallucinate, jr passed me the green lighter I had and I thought it was a lizard. I grabbed it, felt it wiggle in my hand and I threw that lizard straight across the room. That made us laugh soo hard but I still forgot that jr was there, like I was just hearing this laughter from nowhere even though he was stitting right next to me. I noticed my room looked like a box made of 2x4’s and it there was no such thing as a straight line anymore. Everything was breathing, the wood on my walls had faces all over the place, and everytime I looked at a window it would either melt or look like it was open (I only opened 1 window to smoke).

We decided to stop smoking, we didn’t even finish a bowl, but we were laughing to hard to smoke anymore. As we left that room I started to see colours that didn’t exist in my house, faces on everything, and everytime I stepped on my carpet it looked like water rippled around it. We got to my kitchen, and I looked at a clock. Wow, that was the most confusing moment of my life. I could read the numbers, but I had no clue what they stood for. I was tripping balls at this point as was jr, all he was doing was laughing in my living room though. I looked at the clock and it said 10:14 (I wrote this down on a sticky note bacause I couldn’t figure out what time it was). I brought it to jr and he had no clue what time was either. I felt like I was insane because I knew when I'm straight I can comprehend time, but this was so hard for me. Anyways I ended up calling the time lady on my cell phone to figure out what day it was. I could look at a calander for hours and still have no clue. After what seemed like forever I gave up cuz I was getting a little pissed off.

After this we went in my backyard again and smoked another cig, I had like 8 that day,and we just tripped balls out there. Every bird I saw fly by I was not even sure if I actually saw it. It would fly by, leave really long trails and just change into something else, like a squirrel. We decided to go listen to music in my car. We walked to my car and then jr dissapeared again, dammit, he was walking right in front of me. I was standing outside my car just waiting for jr to get there. Like 5 mins or so later, HE GOT OUT OF THE CAR! Holy shit I completely forgot the idea that people can go into cars. Wow. We ended up listening to music for about 2 hours I think, we made it through 2 cds.

We went inside and for some reason I wanted to colour really bad. I busted out some crayons and paper and this was the best part of my trip for some reason. I felt so inspired…everything on the paper I was drawing I was unconsiouslly aware of my drawing it. It looked like a cartoon, id draw a stick figure and it would wave to me, dance, mutate etc. we drew for quite some time--- to anyone tripping TRY IT, drawing kicks ass and I normally hate it.

I started to come down around 3pm but was still tripping a bit when I went to work (my pupils were still gargantuan). This was the most uplifting expiernce of my life and if you ever can get orange shrooms, get them! We still have more than half an 8th left over for another time.
Happy Shroomin’

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