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I'm not doin nuttin Im not sposed to be doing...

In this kick-ass moment in time!

Hey, fellow visionaries,

     This is my report, of the highest (or lowest) trip I've yet had.  I will try to keep the details accurate and to the best of my memory, and hopefully someone can shed a comment of relativity or advice on this.

     Awhile back, I ordered a Grow-Your-Own-Shroom kit.  I had ordered this kit once before, and gotten a strain of T3's from Cambodia, and the results were quite satisfactory, but this time I recieved a strain of Oceanus from Guam.  Ive never had them before, and dont know if they were the cause of the insane sanity of this trip but I figured Id better include all details, which excuse me for this readers but theres one question I need answered, so if it seems like Im rambling or writing an autobiography, please bare with me.

      That being said...on the sunday before this past Memorial Day, myself and my girlfriend decided to trip with 2 of her friends.  I had met them once, and quite briefly, prior to this engagement...which some might say isnt enough time to get to know them and be comfortable enough to trip with them, however I usually have a pretty good insight of people, and could tell that they were people who were on a Positve Path of Life.  Then again, I cant say I know anyone who is on a Negative Path, only the stories I hear yet seldom see.  Can you?  And yet its funny, the more people I meet, and the more they let me penetrate the protective walls, that shield their true inner self, which we are all told is ugly and feel we must hide, the more I see the quest for positivity, and peace, and love, and acceptance, and brother/sisterhood in people.  I mean there is dark and light in everyone, but I consider myself a pretty positive guy, as I think most people do.  Then again Hitler, Vlad, and Mao probably did too.  By the way there is a point to all this seemingly senseless rambling.  

    So anyways 2 guys, 2 girls trippin on Mem. Day weekend.  The kit that I had really grew like crazy and I had more than enough to get us all to Level 4, but fortunately, and unfortunately I was the only one who made it here.  So we eat the shrooms on pizza while watching She's Out of My League at my house, and I gotta say, they all had 2 small shrooms on each piece, I had 3 on each and they were BigUn's.  By the way I didnt charge my friends for the shrooms, I dont believe in misusing their power for monetary gain.  As usual, I was the first one to get off, and my trip lasted the longest.  So were about 15 mins into the movie, and Im getting that hard to breathe, runny nose effect, then BZZZT!  I get the bolt of electricity, dont know if anyone else knows what Im talkin about there.  This was the initial slight ascent.
     Shortly after, I had lost my sense of time.  I knew I was trippin, and asked if my friends were and they replied with a "Damn not yet!".  So maybe I felt a bit excluded from the group and I decided to go into the next room and crack some glow sticks, put on Dark Side, and plug in my guitar and start jammin.  This was my 10th trip, and Im an avid guitarist, but this was the first time Id ever played while tripping.  I was quite suprised at how much faster and more fluently I could shred.  Anyways, I dont know how long I was alone, before my girlfriend called me back.  I think she was next to start trippin, but anyways so I return to the pack and I said one thing to her and I quote "Witness the Birth of An Alien."  I didnt know what the hell it meant, yet, but shortly after saying those magical words, my vision went distorted.  I couldnt make out anything and it felt like I had amnesia.  I forgot where I was, who I was with, and I couldnt remember ever being on this planet before.  I felt like a newborn baby.  I could speak only a few words, and kept asking "Where am I?  Who are you?  Do I know you?  Have I been here before?  and What am I supposed to do?"  I could tell after these repeated inquiries, that the group was starting to get a bit uneasy, especially my girl, who is more experienced than I.  So she suggested we go outside and sit on the porch, which given the area I reside, could have turned out to be quite dangerous.  This was the lowest descent.

      So Im trying to keep my cool, as not to freak out my newly acquired friends, and I kept asking them if they were alright.  That in turn kinda showed my apprehensions, but they replied with a yes and a smile.  So its about midnight now, we ate em around 9, and Im starting to remember the layout of my house and decide we should go inside, where were somewhat safe lol, and just relax in our safe little house.  We decide were gonna watch Cop Out, and I was just gonna pass out on the couch, which they thought odd being that wed only been tripping just over 3 hours now, but thats what I wanted to do.
     Next thing I know, Im back and Im happy.  I can see the beautiful people that Ive surrounded myself with, and who were now up to my level, or I was down to theirs.  I could see the paisley patterns everywhere, as I had before in all my previous trips (which never exceeded level 2 or 3) but this time I could actually make them flow.  It was like I could see my Chi extending from every movement I made.  It was all the colors of the spectrum, but even the colors inside the primary colors (i.e. aquamarine, teal, sky blue etc.).  It was all so beautiful, and I noticed I had finished my glass of OJ, and decided the toilet should get the recycled product and went to take a piss.  At the top of the stairs though, I saw my bedroom, and had to go explore.  There were some clothes that had fallen off the hanger in my closet and they looked like little gnomes.  So I thought "Okay, adventure into Narnia through my closet, fuckin aweome!".
     Sometime later they must have noticed the time I spent there, and came up to find me laying half in the closet, hugging t-shirts and shit, and after some reconvincing that on the other side of the wall is the bathroom, I remembered my whole reason for going upstairs in the first place.  As I stood up though I saw it "Fucking CANDYLAND"!!!  So I take my piss and we go back downstairs and break out the game.

     As actually playing the game got to be too much of a task for me, I decided I only wanted to look at the board.  So somewhere between here and there we got to the philosophy stage.  I love philosophising and even more so when tripping.  I had rarely gotten to share my philosophies with others though until this Kick Ass Moment In Time.  I should have recorded this trip though, because the only way I would speak would be in poetic form.  I can write poems and songs, on an advanced level, but the way I was speaking, I didnt even have to think about what words to use to rhyme with the previous, while remaining on the subject at hand,  it all just flowed naturally.   Now it felt as though I had been here, with these people, thousands of times prior.  I knew exactly where I was and what I was supposed to do.  I was supposed to build a Revolution of Light.  So I go on this rant of positivity, about how we are all positive people, in negative surroundings.  I expound upon topics of unity, and love, and world-wide connection.  I speak of how the government has programmed us all, and told us what to think, and how to feel, but that would be our strength, because we would be one people with one goal "Freedom"!  This was the highest ascent.  And I come to the end of positivity and the beginning of negativity with the statement "We are the creators!"

  And as I mentioned Hitler in this story before, I realized I may as well have been on a podium, speaking to the masses.  I kind of felt like a dictator, even though what I was "preaching", in my mind, was positive.  This is what scared me the most.  I started thinking about what we would do next.  Would we go out and rebel?  Go out and kill?  And it dawned on me that we were inking the pages of time with each movement of the minute-hand.  All of my previous trips were, I guess mild, but they would all ascend until I peaked and then there was a gradual descent.  They were pleasant though, and they were enough.  This trip though, was up and down, up and down.  It was the greatest and worst trip I have ever had and hope to ever have.

  I have heard that in historical times the mushroom was used as a messenger of the gods.  And I always believed that I was a good person, one who fought for what was right.  One who always appreciated the beauty in others, and tried to always be his brother's keeper.  I also believe that mushrooms arent for everyone, only those on a positive path, seeking guidance to the destination of peace, inner and outer.  So I will conclude this with two questions

1.  Is a smile worth a frown?

2.  What went wrong?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
See you in the light, 
Rock Rayne 


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