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It felt like I literally tripped over my own balls.

around 18 shrooms

Ok, So I'd tripped on shrooms a handful of times before Saturday's trip, with each trip being more intense than the last as naturally I'd increase the amount of shrooms each new trip.
This year my best friend and I really started researching into mushrooms and we have been hunting them ever since season, for last year we had to purchase our shrooms and we are generally fascinated by them. For the trip we had gathered 2 types of shrooms;  Gold Tops and Subsecotioide.
We live in New Zealand and all were gathered from woodchip gardens. All of the shrooms heavily blued and we identified them on this website. Plus we tripped on the exact ones the week before, only doing about 6 though.

We had decided to trip using the tea method, with 3 of us having around 18 each and the other around 10, I do not know what the dose would have weighed out to be, but boy did these bad boys go blue in that tea.

We started the trip around 10pm on a Saturday night. We had eagerly awaited the trip the whole day and had 2 sessions during the day to kill time. Having a few cones beforehand I was more than confident about the trip and I eagerly drank the whole tea within seconds. I was really stoned by the way. The effects of the trip kicked in within 15 minutes.
I was warmed up instantly, with euphoria and sound/music intensifying. I sat down on the couch and listened to music and looked at the computers. The cables from the computers started swaying as if to be in a breeze, they then started sprawling up the wall like vines from a tree. The little lights blinking from the computers were intensified from the trip and within seconds these lights surrounded the room and my world was transformed into the Death Star from Star Wars. I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds and the room was back to normal. I knew this was going to be quite some trip. I had never experienced such an intense hallucination within such a short amount of time. 

After about 20 minutes the normal mushroom effects kicked in. Shadows started playing tricks on my mind like morphing objects, ripple effects appeared on my arms and all over the walls and a general dark and grimey feel came about people's faces and the whole room itself. I then started seeing my fellow tripper's faces morphing into other things. Shapes and colours were controlling my mates faces, one of them even turned into a horse briefly. I was wondering if their trip was anything like mine and this I think triggered my next change off. I was then flustered with such intense emotion changes it was literally like someone was in my brain clicking the imaginary next emotion button every 2 minutes, I cycled through joy, fear, anxiety, love, anger, jealousy ... everything. After about 30 minutes of emotion shuffling I then got intense temperature changes, from being shiveringly cold (putting blanket and jumper on) to sweating-gallons- hot (jumper off, blanket off, sitting in front of fan on full blast) and then finally back to cold again (back to jumper and blanket, back on couch)

 I loose track of time from here on so explanations are brief, as I was in a completely other universe. My friends were tripping out and enjoying their buzz but at the same time having smokes, smoking cones, and having conversations. I could not do any of these activities I was not in control of my body.

The peak of my trip started when I was under the blanket on the couch. We were listening to amazing music and watching the visualizers on the computers. I then got an immense "melting" feeling. I say melting because there is no other word to describe the feeling I was having. This was a scary but yet such an amazing feeling, almost as if I was being taken somewhere, somewhere far away from here. I melted so much that I was completely under the blanket. That is when the most intense visualizations of my life started. I got open and closed eye hallucinations, all of which were kaleidoscopic and geometrical. Amazing colours were spiralling around me everywhere, I was in a completely different world. It was like I was a colour or pattern itself, it felt like I wasn't anywhere near my body that's for sure. I then felt a strong force grabbing me from the inside pulling me upwards. Like when you get caught in a rip in the ocean, but much, much stronger.  My favourite peaking song (Strobe - Deadmau5) came on at the time, which was I think in a way, destiny. Green and Yellow reptile-like colours spiralled around me like a vortex. It felt like I was in a space vacuum. Not that I have ever been in one of course, but at the time I had no grasp on reality so  whatever happened to me that night seemed so real. My friend grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the blanket, this shifted the room in half. Half of the room was my trip and the other half was reality. This was just retarded. My vacuum ended and I was back in the room again.

I looked up from the blanket and I saw all my friends with elf ears and elf like features and the room was huge. The colours were so intense and beautiful. I was in a fluorescent jungle of some sort. We were all watching a movie (dance flick)  and the screen was the only thing in the room that was not affected by my trip. It was wierd, but it helped me in a way that I knew that everyone else was watching the same thing as me, so I knew I had some grasp on reality. I was having conversations with people but I was unsure at the time if they were real our if my mind was making these conversations up. I don't like to talk much on mushies because of this, I just don't know what conversations are real when I'm on those things. The movie was changed and we were all pretty much coming down from our wonderful experience. We all started talking about our trips and some of the stories were just incredible. I then had all my normal functions back.

We smoked buds until 6 in the morning, It's wierd how time went so slow and infinite a few hours ago but after the trip we talked and talked and talked and the time just flew by.

Overall we all had intense and amazingly awesome trips. Myself and my best mate had similar out of body experiences and visuals. The other, who's trip was her first, had a great trip but no where near to the level of Mine and my best mate's but that was because we didn't give her as much shrooms, obviously. My other tripper can only remember glimpses of his trip but let's just say he was a hilarious mess.

My next trip I am still undecided if I want to do more or less, but at some stage I will definitely do more, as that was the most amazing experience of my life.


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