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Adventure Of A Lifetime

9 subs, 8 subsecotioides each

As i sat in my room drinking my tasty tea with my fellow friends, i waited for a few minutes, listening to some BoneThugs, i felt a slight enlightenment as i submitted myself to what i hoped would be a level 5. One of my 3 friends had an upset stomach and vomited 1/3 of their tea 10 mins after drinking. As my 2 other friends sat on the couch without a word, as i took him/her to the bathroom to wash off first i had to supply a fresh set of clothes for my friend. 

As i closed my eyes not to look at the changing of the clothes i instantly saw the pattern that i see every time i enter the realm. Its a small pattern with a neon blue light  at the center of every half circle curve and multi-coloured squiggles that link up to all around it but itself. I opened my eyes not to submit myself into the new realm yet but as soon as i opened my eyes the pattern was more distinct and bright and all the objects in the room were covered in this pattern. i had not expected it to come so quickly

As i led my friend to the bathroom to wash off, i waited in the garage where i slowly felt more devious. I sat on the pool table amazed at the patters and felt a sudden urge to open the door to the stairs and check if my parents were going to come downstairs but thankfully they still had guests over and it was getting late so they went straight to bed soon after and didn't catch me.

As my friend come back from the bathroom we both headed back to my room where my other 2 friends were now completely speechless and we all sat silent for a long time as we all submitted ourselves. My friends did not elaborate in the morning so i cannot report what where they went. But as i sit here many memories from that night come back. I sat on my floor in my room watching my other friends, slowly noticing that my room was changing but staying the same. It all loked the same, but felt the same, as if i was in a different room that looked the same, everything had an aura and as the music changed to Dubstep (Replicant - Rob Sparx). I felt a hindu presence submerge into my realm and there i saw a blur in matter and light as the music's bass struck me like a spell. As I stare straight infront of me , stars within blackness formed around the presence and started circling in an egg shape.

A movement in my lower left eye caught my attention and i moved away instantly taking me to a new place, on the coffee table, the wood grain moved as like millions of termites were living on the surface of my table, then as i grabbed the table i saw the veins on my hand slithered up and around my arms and multiplying, this was felt very overwhelming so i changed my eyes focus to my the room behind my hand and i was back with the hindu presence, then laughing, i changed my focus back and flickered between the two worlds for a bit until i realized i had not had a cone yet. i packed my cone marveling at the texture of the chop and at its change of colour.

 As i hit my cone my eye's focus changed onto my cone which took me into a third world more intense, still my room but very stale and barren feeling. my cone changed into a triangular pyramid of hundreds of small pyramids all structured to make my cone. Each small triangular Pyramid had traight sides, black lines for edges and were glowing yellow on the inside. As it burned the top trianglar pyramid felt into the one below and the 3 surrounding the middle of the 2nd row collapsed into the hole in the center and all layers collapsed into the next until it was empty, as i finished the left over smoker in the chamber changed to grey instead of clear and  i felt as though i was sucking in a dark spirit and i exhaled quickly relieving me of this unpleasant intrusion. 

The smoke spiraled out of my mouth instantly pulling my into an opened eyed univers that replaced my room with a vortex spiraled clockwise into infinity, there were 3 main lines to the spiral that flared with my pattern but so bright and wonderful that in submitted myself and entered the vortex of molecular structures and traveled through a DNA structured tunnel always twisting clockwise with all coloures, but also the black nothingness that backgrounded the 3 twisting lines on the spiral. This lasted about 5 minutes although it felt like an hour and i was back in the hindu presence of my room. 

I got up and sat on my chair, turning off the music and putting on the movie Dance Flick. I closed my eyes turning away form the screen and found myself in a world almost like the last 3 mins of tool's vicarious video but different in its own way. it was only pick and black, there were pillars everywhere but not of faces and eyes but of that my pattern made out of straight lines and molecular structures, none circular, all made out of at least 50 or more flat sides.
this cavelike world stretched into infinity and was only about 4cm in height, i traveled in various directions and everywhere at regular even intervalls in parallel lines were these pillars although all the same, all felt as though they had a separate purpose. After a long period of time i opened my eyes to my one friend on the floor moving under the coffee table melting as he was muttering, onto the floor and attempting unblock his cone.

I sat myself on the floor and got ready to have another cone. after my cone i felt another feeling overwhelmed me and i shrunk instantly to the size of a small toy soldier, my coffe table was huge and my rom was enormous, i saw structures arise in my room as it changed into the game Mouse trap, the massive cone shaped trap was coming down in font of me on top of the table and the other structures seemed to resemble loops of roller coasters but more molecular resembled. i sat there smoking cigaret's not thinking where i was ashing, watching my room move around as this game commenced but i sat outside its perimeter so i would not get caught. 

Then it all turned round, my room became normal again but smaller as i grew and could hardly fit in my room neck cramped against the cealing like in alice in wonder land. Then it quickly put me back in normal size and i threw away my cigaret. My world was back to normal although i was stil enlightened and the pattern of neon lights and squiggles was back as we changed the movie to it's All Gone Pete Tong. By this time it was just back to pattern's and asking question's, reminiscing every 5 mins bout how this and that happened after we all came out of our adventures.

This was the most Profound Experience in my life and look forward to my next Adventure.

Story of the one friend on the couch of the same trip is


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