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Great Cannabis Sesh

All is Well

Yesterday, me and a few friends decided it was a good day to get high and do nothing. I went over to my friend J's house where her and her friend K were waiting with about 50 bucks worth of good weed. J decided for us all to go out to her makeshift "Smokehut" in the woods behind her house. So me, J and K grabbed the weed, a pipe and a lighter and settled in. We packed our first bowl and let go. For the next 15-20 minutes we packed lots of bowls and told lots of stories. About 30 mins in I got up (I had been lying down, relaxing) when I felt the weed hit. I knew it hit because of the feeling I always get, my head begins to tingle. I began to laugh and then felt the pleasant warm feeling in my chest. I lied back again and just stared at the wood roof of the hut.

By this point I was at the full mercy of the weed. I looked up at the sky and noticed a cloud that I swear looked like an eagle. I pointed it out to J and K and we spent the next few minutes saying what we saw it as. Eventually J couldnt hold her water and so went back into the house to pee. While she was away, I remarked to K how the munchies were setting in. She said she had Chips Ahoy! in her car. After a second to steadily balance myself once I stood up, me and K set out on our "epic" journey for cookies. We stumbled through the woods (where K remarked she "was walking like a drunk") we went to her car and grabbed the cookies. We went back to the hut and began to eat. 

I only ate half the cookie because each bite felt like delicious thick peanut butter with chocolate swirls. I enjoyed every single moment. J came back and quickly remarked at the cookies. She too dug in. I suggested we head inside to come down. We all agreed and after making sure we had everything(I should mention that WHILE I was high I couldnt remember the last sentence I said and kept thinking I had said something I hadnt.) we headed in. We all took positions on a couch or chair(I laid on a couch which felt AMAZING.) We turned the TV to a funny show and spent the next half-hour just laughing and coming down from a fun sesh.

I love weed and will use it the rest of my life. I plan on using mushrooms for the first time in a few days with the same friends. Ill write a report when It happens.

-Happy Exploration 

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