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trippin in mammoth

ok heres my magical tale.

ok heres my magical tale. my friends and i have never done shrooms before except for my best friend. his name is adam and he has shroomed about 8 times and acid like twice. me and the rest of my friends only smoke pot and drink. so adam finally convinces me and 1 of my other friends, josh, to shroom. he said it is an experience u will never forget and he sure was right.
so we each put in about 13 bucks and adam hooks us up with 2 eighths. are next mission was to find a place to do it. then we remembered our other friend scott had a cabin in mammoth and we had a 3 day weekend coming up.we also had to convince him to do it too. so we decided to make the 5 hour drive to mammoth from the california coast.
when we got there it was night and we decided to lay everything out. adam decided that he was going to eat a half eighth(not all at once). the rest of us decided to start out with 2 and then see how we were doing.so the next day we took some bong hits and got pumped up for the shrooming. we also took a bunch of energy pills. so we ate what had decided that night and chilled at the cabin. about 20 minutes later josh complains to adam that nothing was happening and that he ripped us off. thats when it hit me. everyone started laughing at josh. then josh started to laugh histerically. adam and i put on some warm close and went outside to chill on this snow porch that we had made the night before. it was the most beautiful thing ever. there was a very light snow fall. i know that usually snow flakes are very very small and u cant really see the design on them. but all of a sudden i could see 1 big snow flake and i was coming down so slow. then the snow stopped and there was a huge rainbow. all the colors faded together to form this typed of finerup design. it was beautiful.
now that the snow had stopped everyone wanted to go sking. so adam drove to the main mountain(because he was the only one possible to drive). the first lift we took was the new gondola. there adam ate the rest of his half eighth and the rest of us ate 1 more and we smoked a couple of bowls. we traversed across the mountain to chair twelve and stopped in the woods on the way. we were just talking when all of a sudden i started to sink into the snow and it felt like water. i remember thinking to myself,"fuck my clothes are gonna be soaked." so i tried to swim out of it. then i realized how much fun it was. it now just looked like a swimming pool. now remember we in the middle of the woods in the snow. also there is these trees that kind of circled around us. there wasnt any fresh pouder really. just alittle. so scott climbs the tree(i dont know how he did it) and jumped into the middle. then he started to back stroke and then start yeling,"im drowning help." so we pulled him out and told him of what had just happend. we sat around and laughed about it. then this tree sprouted arms and legs right in front of me and walked over to me. he told me to reach deep insie myself and find my soul and there i will find true happiness. so i lied back down in the snow and i felt like i had just fallen on my bed or something. i closed my eyes. everyone else wanted to ski more but i didnt so i said to just come back in a bit. i layed there for what seemed to be about 2 hours but it was only 20 minutes. i came back i was by myself. i got scared so i called out for my friends. then i saw those 2 little chipmunks from dysney in a tree. they said,"hey keep it down buddy we are trying to sleep up here." i flipped out and skied the rest of the run. my friends were there and we went back to cabin.
to any of u who havent shroomed in the mountains i highly suggest it. - ted

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