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This was my second real good trip.

This was my second real good trip. I found this guy I know and asked if he could get mush and he could. I picked up 8 grams. It was me my other friend, Josh, who has done mush before and one other guy,Will, whos first time it was. Me and Josh each had 3 grams and Will had 2. We ate it with a 7-11 slurpee. After eating we ditched our pedal bikes and went touring with a buddy. During the 1 1/2 hour tour I became very spaced out and edgy. We picked up a few joints and went to the country to smoke. We had 2 in the country and came back to town. We got dropped off and will left withsome chicks. Me and Josh went to the school feild ti trip. It was really kickin in now about 2 hours after consumption. I began seein harch tacers as I looked out at the town from the hill iun the feild. We smoked a fat bowl and I began to get uncontrolable laughter. I looked at Josh and I could see bright colorful light coming from all over his face. I looked at the buildingss and they began to move all over getting skinny then fat and back and fourth. We kept trippin and went home at around 1230. I went in and talked to my parents. As I looked into ther dark room colorful squares appeared every where,.....It KICK ASS

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