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The Shroomery Policies


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  • The Shroomery General Supplier Policy
    • 4.80

    The legal status of all items will be determined under United States law, however users are additionally responsible for following all applicable laws of their own country/territory/city.

  • Emergency Info
    • 4.62

    Contact information for emergencies such as a suspected overdose.

  • Information For Parents
    • 4.56

    Learn how to restrict your child's access to the Shroomery.

  • Legal Disclaimer
    • 4.33

    By accessing the Shroomery, you are implying that you have read, understand and are in agreement with the terms stated in this document.

  • Advertise With Us!
    • 4.33

    Become a Shroomery Sponsor, improve your pagerank and promote your business in our active community of psychedelic enthusiasts.

  • DMCA Information
    • 3.57

    Information for users and content owners about how we handle DMCA requests.

  • Administrative Rules & Guidelines
    • 2.88

    An introduction to newcomers as well as an outline to general behavioral guidelines and specific rules which all members must understand.

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