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My First Trip

I thought it went well.

Well, I had my first trip a few weeks ago. My two friends gave me just a bit of the shroom, not so I would trip, but I would feel happy and stuff. Well, something went wrong, because I tripped HARD. Well, for my first time, anyway, haha. We had set up a little bed in the living room of my friends apartment. You know, a blanket on the bottom (it was silk), and a blanket for us to cover up with and pillows. We started watching Alice in Wonderland, the Disney cartoon version. About 15 or 20 minutes into movie I started feeling really happy and just light. My friends had already been tripping because they took a lot more than I had. It was strange, I forgot I had fingers. And, I could bend them and they wouldn't hurt. And, they started to look like claymation hands. Like how the movie Coraline was made, that was how my fingers looked! I also saw the cat from Alice in Wonderland on the ceiling, and throughout the night it gradually moved around the ceiling. My friend has three bearded dragons and a snake. I sat there and watched those reptiles for a good twenty mintues, just amazed by them. I also rolled around the carpet, and the silk blanket, it felt so cool. I couldn't really walk, I don't know why, haha. Oh, and my friend has a zebra print shower curtain, and when I went to use the bathroom the zebra print made me dizzy and it was moving! Pretty wicked.

Overall, I thought my trip was pretty sweet, at least for my first time, you know? I plan on taking shrooms this week or the upcoming week and taking more than I did my first time. I'm looking foward to what's in store. (:

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