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A Long Night...

trippin for 6 hours

My name for this story will be B.
The name of the friend whose house this took place at will be R.  He had done shrooms a few times before, but was the only one with any experience.
The name of the two other friends who were there with us will be A and T.

This story took place on Halloween night at R's house.  The thing you have to know about his house is that it is massive.  His dad is a produce farmer so he has many acres of property.  There is the main house, which is where his parents stayed, and then there is a guest house type thing that everybody called "the barn", which is where the trippin took place. 

I had absolutely no perception of time during this so I will just explain events that i can remember and sensations that stuck in my mind. 

I believe that we took our mushrooms at about 9:30 pm down in the barn.  We had brought some orange juice to intensify the trip, so once we had eaten our mushrooms (we each had 2-3 caps and a few sticks) we downed the OJ.  After the initial excitement of finally doing shrooms, we remembered that it would take a while for them to kick in, so my friends decided to go in the bathroom and smoke some weed.  They all smoked but I didn't really like it too much, so i just sat in and waited for the trip.  Time seemed to actually pass pretty quickly while we were waiting for the shrooms to kick in. 

When I first noticed things were different we were still in the bathroom.  I looked at the wall and the wood seemed to be moving and undulating, sort of like a giant slow moving wave of pudding.  I started laughing at it, and everything else around me just sort of disappeared for a few minutes.  I was enjoying the wall when all of a sudden the rest of the world came back.  I looked over at R, T, and A and realized that they were laughing their asses off.  We all decided to leave the bathroom. 

This is where things get out of order...

I remember we were laying on a futon mattress that we had laid out on the ground and we wanted to play some Resident Evil 5.  R turned on the play station 3 and put in the disc, but I don't know how he even managed to do that.  T and A were off in their own worlds so R handed me the controller.  The only thing I could do was hold it and say "dude, this controller is so light...oh my god...its so light."  R responded with "dude you're way too fucked up to play this" and took the controller back. 

At one point during the night i went over to an iPod clock we had set up.  The iPod that was connected to it was set to single repeat on the song "See What I can Pull" by Devin the Dude.  The clock read something like 11:00, although I'm not sure at all if that is what it actually said.  I returned to the mattress and laid there and laughed at my friends for what seemed like an hour.  When I went back to the clock after the "hour", I saw that it had only been 5 minutes.  I said "guys...its been 5 fucking minutes."  In unison, everybody let out a groan of a mix of laughter and the feeling that this was gonna be a long night. 

I went up the clock and took my iPod out of my pocket.  I then realized that the song that was playing was better than anything i had ever heard, and threw my iPod at the staircase.  I then started listening to the music and let if flow through me.  It was amazing.  I went back and laid on the mattress and closed my eyes.  I could see something that looked like a giant field of yellow flowers pulsating towards me and rotating all over the place.  It seemed 3 dimensional. 

During the night, R's cat walked in.  I was laying on my stomach on the mattress with my chin on my arms, just enjoying life altogether, when the cat walked by.  I reached out and felt it, and decided that it was the softest thing in the whole world.  "Dude, it's a fucking cat...it's so soft..." was all I could say. 

T was having a pretty hard trip.  Some time during the 6 hours of madness he was walking around the room with his pants around his knees saying "guys I think I shit my pants" (he didn't).  We started laughing and telling him to pull his pants up but he didn't listen.  Eventually he got them up and ended up at the staircase, banging his head into the wall.  We're not sure why. 

R was constantly babbling on about random shit that didn't make any sense at all.  I remember seeing him up at the TV stand while A, T, and I were listening to him.  He was going through our options of what to do, but none of them made sense.  I was convinced that the TV was going to fall on me.  I started trying to scoot as far away from it as I could.  I soon forgot about it though and went back to enjoying the trip. 

A's entire night consisted of him saying "dude, are we ok?" for 6 hours.  It got annoying...

Near the end of our trip, R suddenly walked in the door.  I hadn't even noticed that he was gone, but he was carrying ice cream with him, so I welcomed him in happily.  Apparently he had made a quick run to the main house for food and goodies.  We woke up whoever was in a deep trance and told them about the food.  This is basically the end of our trip, but I'm stoked on another one when I can. 

I'd recommend shrooms over weed any day.

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