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First Major "Trip" on Cannabis


So, only a few hours ago I smoked some bud with a girl I know. We'll call her J.  I went over to J's house at about 9 30 A.M. We have smoked together before, several times in fact, and this was just supposed to be a simple wake and bake. Well anyways, J didnt want the weed smell on her new furniture, so we grabbed a bong and headed out to a make-shift patio constructed in the woods behind her house.

Heres where things get interesting. Ive been "high" several times, but never with the intensity or range of emotions and thoughts of this one. Me and J settle ourselves in and already before any weed has been smoked im nervous. The woods are very quiet and creepy. But I shrug it off and take my first hit off the bong. Its 10 A.M. at this point. For the next 10 minutes or so me and J take turns getting in hits and telling stories, laughing. 

All of a sudden, I begin to feel VERY heavy, as if gravity is pushing me down and holding me.I realize my eyes are very heavy as well and without even asking J I can tell that i have squinty eyes.  J is resting besides me as well, seemingly less high than me. I lay on my back to relieve the strain of gravity from my body and eyes. Me and J exchange a few more stories and laugh. By this point, it feels like its been hours. But J looks at her phone and tells me its been only a half hour.

Heres where things go bad. Me and J both realize we have no water or snacks. So J agrees to go and get some. So J leaves and begins to walk towards her house. Now Im not the paranoid kind by nature, but I have never felt fear like I did this session. Since time moved so slowly, it seemed as if J was taking an extra long time. This is where the fear set in. I didnt know these woods and they began to seemingly close-in on me. My ears became blocked (or so it seemed) and I had trouble hearing anything but wind, in fact, all of my senses were dulled. I laid back again and just stared at the beautiful sky which looked like a water-color painting to me. As I began to calm I heard someone whisper my voice.

J had finally returned with water (and twinkies!) and retook her place seated next to me. We sat and talked for awhile. Then the next time I sat up, I was shocked. The world seemed to be in a haze. I felt dizzy and as soon as I had a thought I forgot it entirely. I kept thinking I had said something out-loud and not just thought it. The world seemed as if a dream. I was so convinced I was in a dream, that at one point, I laid back, closed my eyes, and said "This life is just a dream, I'll wake up soon."

After several more uneventful minutes me and J decided to head in so we could come down in comfort. We collected our stuff (and even though I couldnt remember the last thing I said, I miraculousy remembered all my belongings.) and headed in. The next half hour was spent watching T.V. and coming down. After that, I said good bye and walked home (me and J live in the same neighborhood.) 

This was an awesome "Trip". Although I had my moments of fear and paranoia, the moments of clarity and retrospection of my life outweighed it all. I can't wait to do it again.

-Happy Exploration

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