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Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Effects


LSD makes me want to love everyone and appreciatle everyone for having their set positions in my life, no matter what those positions are, and I felt like I should create a chronicle of my trip, probably just for myself, but hopefully for others to read and enjoy:
1) Met jim mike and Steve, dosed..everything perfect..seems like a totally calm time hangin with some good friends..feels good ya know?
2) Entered the aquarium, everything thats happening seems to be molding itself to my life..the lights are changing on the electronic board BECAUSE im on lsd..MIKE loves acid..of course he does..steves just sittin there probably thinking "im on lsd this is fucking insane" hahahaha and jim is exploring his thoughts as he enjoys doing it in the company of some good people..and I realize that im here with these certain people for the sole reason that we can synchronize our personalities into a good experience sooo well
3) im sitting under a tank of water filled with aliens..been an hour..im starting to feel distant from reality as it slowly fades away…every aspect of human interaction is just bewildering me..how do two people become friends? Do they both revel in a similar joke? What happens? Ive always just become friends with all my friends without questioning why or how it happened..
4) I JUST STARTED TRIPPING FUCKING NUTS…its been 1 ½ hrs, and me, Steve, jim, and mike are just moving from spot to spot in the aquarium..just stopping and letting lsd take control at various vantage points of life…there legitimately are an infinite number of perspectives to look at something from…imagine all the angles front, behind, every .2 angles, every .13434 angles, and you get something different from every single angle, and you realize how much there is to enjoy in life..at this point..i am OVERCOME with the pure emotions of happiness and wonder at the alien fucking jellyfish in front of me!!
5) I just realized im still peaking on three hits of acid and now I have to leave my “trip-mates” to meet authority figures. Not pleasant thoughts.
6) Fuck that. I love my family. I love everyone. Just appreciate everyone for their place in your life and you will have a GREAT trip no matter who your with as long as you are close to them. That is a motherfuckin COMFORTING thought for this smartass  Indian bastard on 3 hits of lsd sitting b/t the history museum and the Tennessee aquarium waiting for his dad…the FACT that anyone can perceive me as a normal human being just experiencing life the way everyone else does is beyond unimaginable to me
7) I just saw my dad, and at the same time…lost all synapses with reality.. all plugs have been pulled out and I am just a whirling solid of pure joy whizzing through all the endless caverns and corridors of my mind. Do you know what these caverns and corridors are made of? Thoughts. Each thought has a place in your mind in that it DID come to your mind yet you just moved on to the next thought..
8) im trying to think “im on lsd my visual perceptions are fucked up” but I realize that visuals are probably the smallest part of LSD for me…the fact that these visuals arise from pure emotion…now that’s something to smoke a cigar over ..
9) My mom keeps looking at me weird and im just remembering jim telling me I look “normal” to everyone else..but what is “normal”? what do I “normally” do? At this point im just doing things without questioning the degree to which sober people are wierding out to them…hardest part abt acting strate on acid for me is definitely being able to tell whats is societally “weird” or not…but honestly probably no one is even giving me a second thought here..im with my entire family…I am analyzing everyones thoughts just for the fun of it and my dad is one weird muthanuggin dude..i will never understand how he thinks for the pure, simple reason that I am not him..and in that sense..no matter how much time I spend with MIKE jim Steve or anyone else for that matter…I wont know what its like to be inside their minds and they will never know what its like to be inside mine..but we can at least appreciate that fact when its just a tiny part of everyone elses’ consciousness.
10) again at this moment everything happening is molding itself like an evolving story graph and im just following it, ready to have a wonderful night in the mind of kamal. I need to get away from family..i go to the bathroom and its fucking muthaknuckin green as shit in there!! Crazy ass patterns, walls breathin, all the crazy lsd shit…and I go back outside..and the fact that that yogurt went on my tongue and sent a signal to my brain within fuckin NANOSECONDS analyzing the different tastes I got and immediately said YES THIS IS GOOD I WANT MORE is nuts…
11) Food doesn’t taste any different on lsd…the entire concept of taste, however, makes you appreciate it more than EVER before. I wud suggest smoking a fat reefer before a meal on acid just so ur taste buds blow u away EVEN more
12) Every conversation I have with my dad blows me away…how can he NOT know that im on acid?! Im just going on living my life at this point with no care..when ur on acid don’t worry abt what other people are thinking unless its to make a positive connection..the fact that I know what conversation to make with my dad for me to seem “normal” to him is crazy to even ME
13) carrying on society’s duties and then having a mind orgasm of realization and fulfillment inside..this is really cool ..totally different than being with friends and just telling everyone everything..the fact that im enjoying such solitude makes me wonder about my own personality..who am i? what does everyone else in my life perceive me as? In my family, everyone perceives me as that smart little kid who, at this point in time, just stands in the corner with his ipod and cell phone out texting some bitch cuz he has nothing else to do at a family reunion…my teachers perceive me as that super intelligent kid in the corner who just doesn’t give a fuck abt the class yet still gets As…my cousins/young relatives perceive me as a blunt smokin, girl fuckin American kid…and my friends perceive me as…well fuck.. I have no clue! At this time of the night I decided to fuck all the external perceptions and just delve into myself to dig out my personality and identity. Good decision, considering im usually too busy engaging in something with someone else to worry abt myself for too long…
14) im at home with family..and im upstairs, laying on my roof jamming to some Floyd, and BAM realization….i am a fuckin animal..i go downstairs..and my entire family is surrounded around a pile of pizza and we go through all these weird ass almost ritualistic actions before we just DIG IN…I TEAR AWAY at that meat because im a MAN and I LOVE my food….check, one part of my identity found
15) my quirky orange-haired grandpa just gave me the MOST motivational speech on getting lost in music and and enjoying the simple pure “taal” of music (this part you wont get if ur not Indian) and damn I really want to pour my soul into some MUSIC this summer….
16) this grandpa just tore the meat off a pizza slice violently…he didn’t even give a fuck! And right after, he went “ahhh how to enjoy the simple things in life..i wish we had some good music”…when I hear this I have two thoughts..1) this HAS to be happening because im tripping and 2) im soo glad I tripped when this dude was over because he is like my most favorite drugged-out without being drugged-out grandpa ive ever met
17) each person’s personality is coming out in what they say and I just realize that everyone is in the living room for the sole reason that we are connected by blood..i go upstairs because I need to have a connection with youth so I go on facebook and chat with ppl..and the happiness that gave me was incredible
18) Ive reached around 9 hours of tripping, and how little ive actually gotten down in words is crazy.
19) my brain is a vast ass grey blob of permeable matter as thoughts just transcend through..and all these thoughts just sway around a single ..just…SOMETHING abstract that I cant find a word for…and that abstract thing is my personality…and its fucking yogi bear smoking a reefer…I just realized that when I trip 3 hits of acid and try to discover myself…I discover that I am Yogi fuckin bear with a reefer..…damn……that’s not bad I like that image hahahah and whoever doesn’t can just go hang with other people no problem from my side time to move on hahahaha
20) It is 3: 54 AM, 12 hours 24 minutes since I dosed, and what a fucking journey its been. Whoever read this or will read this has only experienced 1/1000 of what I actually experienced man…lsd is a fuckin journey.
Whoever reads this..i really hope you understand that LSD is entirely neutral in terms of physical and mental health effects..yes that means less harmful than marijuana…I got one last thing to say before I faze away, reveling in the pure comfort of hibernation


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