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Smoking Shrooms

It was Homecoming at our High School, and a minimum day of school.

It was Homecoming at our High School, and a minimum day of school. Me and my friends were pretty good friends with the Gangtsa guys of our grade, and they were big pot heads, just getting into other drugs like E, and Acid. They invited us for a Smoke Compatetion at one of there houses, we expected.

We got there way before they did, and smoked a lot fast, and we baked when they got there( so the compatetion kinda died). The guys house it was let us smoke because was eating shrooms, and i asked him to give a bowl of them to smoke. I just heard it is like acid to smoke shrooms, so i thought i would give it a try. I copped up the bud and smoked it, it was a pretty big bowl and gave me like 10 hits, people have told me it tastes bad, but i was too stoned to notice or care. When i went back in the house, my friends had left a note to go to the resturant up the street, i walked there.

As i was walking i felt a strange wram feeling all over my body, like i was shooting into outter space. I walked in and saw all my friends, they looked like crumpy toads sitting in a pond eating flys, i began to laugh and ordered my food. I sat down and as people would talk to me i wouldn't hear all, i would just hear like morphing sound and the picture i was in my eyes wasn't the picture my mind saw, i was like skipping between 2 pictures. I walked out side to the liquor store and as i crossed the street i was feeling very glade to be alive and to be happy, i went into the store and said hello to the storekeeper. I got my food and went to to find my food waiting for me, I dug in and i couldn't really taste the food but it was so good and i didnt want to stop eating. We walked back to the house, and i relaxed on the couch.

My legs felt like they were melting and my feet were glued to the floor, my body was like a flaming piece of wood as i grew warmer and warmer, I walked outside and sat in a chair and i was pretty sure i was floating, i kinda feel asleep and came into a dazed state and confused, this high quickly went away amd lasted for only a hour.

It felt like i had been on the longest hour journey of my life, i remained stoned through the whole day and smoked more too, went to see bob dylan that night, and i only remember the day as a great one. I highly suggest that the next time you have couple shrooms to eat, break off a little for a bowl for the next time you smoke. It was great


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