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2nd Trip, Merry Christmas

Half tab of double dosed acid

So I was 16 now, as my birthday was about 10 days before this day. It was a couple of days after Christmas, a Sunday, and my parents were gone for the day driving my grandmother home. I took the half of the double dosed tab, this being my first time taking acid, second time tripping, around 8:30 right before my parents left. With the tab under my tongue, I hugged my grandmother good bye, and went upstairs to take a shower. In the shower, I felt euphoria in the heat and steam of the shower, taking great notice to the steam. This euphoria persisted as I got out of the shower and ran to my room with Animal Collective blasting. I eagerly awaited my 18 year old brother's return from his friends house, as I wanted to hang out with him on my first acid trip. He got home and we started talking about my general happiness, and he suggested we smoke the rest of his hash. We smoked the half gram of hash in the basement, and I declared that "It just felt like nothing almost." After the hash, we sat in our classy parlor room, blasting Echoes by Pink Floyd, and I noticed the palm tree in the room's leaves started waving. I asked my bro if they were moving, he laughed no, and I responded with an "awwwww awesome." The leaves moved to the beat of the song, and then i noticed the lamp shade shaking to the beat as well. At this moment I looked outside and noticed the tops of trees in the distance cork screw. I then sat down next to my bro and he told me we were going to paint. As I dipped the brush into the paint and took a stroke, I ooo in the smooth stroke, with a feeling that I was predestined to draw what I was drawing. Together we painted a scene of water and a strange green bug. I then made ramen, only to realize I didn't want to eat any of it, then we decided to go in the attic. In the attic, I drew a picture of a face similar to spongebob, and had a thought bubble coming out of him with a wallpaper of smoke Q's inside. I enjoyed plenty of laughter, and we decided to go for a walk. I put on my red Fear and Loathingespue shades, and we embarked out on the unusually warm winter day with fog and grey skies. While walking, I noticed that trees seemed to be growing, and others melting. Reflections on puddles and mist were very defined. Eventually we made it home and drove to pick up my friend Linden. The drive there felt very nice and floaty, and after picking him up, we drove to a field on a hill. There we walked out behind the hill, and smoked a grape joint of shisca berry. I received great vibes after this,  and we then drove back to my house, where we ate food and played sonic the hedgehog 2. When my parents were home later, I had noticed while in the kitchen that I wore different shoes than usual. Noticing this, I said to my mom "I wore these shoes today," and she said "uhh ok?" as in "and I give a fuck?" Later that night, I had Linden, Alex, and this sketch fuck Aj over and we blazed outside once my rents went to sleep. They started to irritate me, as I wanted peace and quiet after mental strain. Overall the trip was rather mild, but had it's distinct visuals and euphoria.

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