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Shadows Fall

This was about three years ago.

This was about three years ago. My first time on mushies, id taken cids before, but.. they just dont compare. It wasnt planned out or anything. My friend Chris and I (now cultivation associate ^.^) were sitting around on the net as usual, when we decided we'd go out to dunkin doughnuts to get some coolatas(however you spell it). We were sitting by the side of the road and a car full of our friends pulled up. They hopped out and i could only laugh as they hugged us and told us how much they love us. We all walked down to the river and watched a tug boat go through the lock. They were so fuckin tripped out. One of them, Paul, offered me a proposition, hed give us some mushies if we walked around with them all night. We were all about it. He busted out these capsules with, what i know now to have been pan. cyan. in them. I was a little confused, cause id SEEN shrooms before, but never in a capsule(it was big, heh). We downed them eagerly. I was so pumped. We were walking for about fifteen minutes when i realized how amazingly chipper i was. Felt like a normal cid trip. Then we came to these rail road tracks and started walking down them. After about 10 minutes we sat down and he gave me another capsule. We started walking again when i noticed a glimmer in the corner of my eye. There, just SITTING THERE!! was an axe.. a metal bat.. and a saw.. Haha. Tripped out people should have such things. We veered off into the woods with our weapons and after a while of mock sword play we found a beuatiful small clearing with a small stream there. By then i could barely move i was so awed with my hallucination. Brandon decided we should cut down a tree seeing as how he had the axe he went to work on a fairly big.. something tree. As we beat away at it(taking turns) wood chips flicked off and seemed to slither into the ground. Chris decided he wanted to chew on a wood chip and he started flipping out. He said his mouth went numb, so we all tried it and we were all sitting there, with numb mouths, chewing on wood. We got bored of that and started chopping the tree again and as it started to fall i saw it waving and it sounded like it was crying. When it hit the ground we were all flipped out and i thought i was gonna die. I barely remember what happened after, but i went home in wet pants.

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