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Experiments with DMT and Harmala

Both smoked and oral, with background on psych use

I started being able to procure a decent bit of DMT in the summer of 2007. Years ago, I used to eat 10-15 hits of blotter acid every Friday, and a double-dose 20-30 every Saturday night for a very long time, more than a year, so I am versed in full-blown psychedelic experiences. One of my favorite things to do was to eat 10 or 20 hits of acid, depending on what night it was, and combine it with at least an eighth ounce of mushrooms. Coke optional. Many times I remember walking out of the forest, coming to, thinking "Wow, that was all real.. I was awake the entire time!"
I think in those situations, tryptamines do the most mind-fucking. I mean, LSD is a very strong, far out psychedelic, more far out than tryptamines or mescaline, letting you see a bigger picture, or the future, the future of physical and spiritual evolution and how it has happened light years away from us already. But with something that is more far out, comes your brain's ability to filter it better, and tryptamines are already present in our brains, produced by our pineal glands, including DMT and psilocin. (Not to mention the harmala alkaloids.)

So goes my story on how DMT could "freak me out" when all that acid couldn't. DMT is "too close to home", being in our brains already, so the brain has less of a filter for it, thinking "yeah he can handle this."
I would smoke DMT from 2 to 4 times a night for a few months. Hey, my thing is going all the way with psychedelics, where the brain can't make any more of itself available. I believe in Timothy Leary's "The Psychedelic Experience", the dosage is like 250 to 500 mics if LSD; 50mg DMT, and I forget the rest but you experienced psychonauts will understand what I mean. The "Ten Strip" experience..and no, not eating ten hits over the course of a day or even a couple hours, all at once, without tolerance from dosing a few days before. For me, after 6 days, I could eat acid again without tolerance, having to double-dose the next night of course, then waiting a whole 6 days to dose again. I used to pick up 100 hits every 2 weeks, eating all of it, having anywhere from 5 to 15 hits left just in case. So yeah, no bullshitting around with psychs, as the late great Terrence McKenna would say, no "psychedelic diddling."

Back to DMT. DMT could always have me holding on for dear life. DMT to me is like a singular spiritual power, whereas psilocybin is a "group effort" thing. As if the beings in that realm that teach you to sing objects into existence which is DMT, sing together which is psilocybin. I know, it's a weird concept, but psilocin is just 4HO-DMT, and I think it is the group effort of DMT. Many elves singing, merging their power into something bigger. That's why there's more forgiving and empathy, and smoothness with mushrooms than with DMT, even though they are shockingly similar.
Even the hum you hear on each of them explains this.. mushrooms gives you a hum that permeates everything around you, making you wonder if anyone else can hear this storm about to break. DMT's hum is a "singular", high-pitched singularity that is the DMT screaming into your 5-HT receptors, trying to make you hear it.

So.. I would wait at least 40 minutes before DMT sessions, sometimes longer. I seemed to lose tolerance to it every time I did it, even in a night. It was still too intense, but enjoyable, but INTENSE. I thought wow, acid is hard to find and I like going all the way with it, now I have DMT and when I go all the way, it rattles me to the core.
One crazy night, after I had already been smoking it, I decided to eat a large dose of harmala extracted from syrian rue, probably 60 percent or better pure, a light brown color but active in doses under 100mg. I ingested around 300mg, and went into the garden next to the forest to smoke some elf spice. I smoked it twice, both 30 minutes apart, both small doses to see what the harmala would do. It seemed very light and smoother, not as sharp and as angular as spice by itself. So, I waited another 30 minutes, and loaded up around 60mg.
I cleared it in two tokes, (I'm an experienced cannabis smoker, and DMT has always been easy for me,) and waited. As I exhaled the 2nd toke, I realized I had done something.. overstepped some line. Now remember, an ideal weekend for me is downing 45 hits of acid, yet this happened to me...
I heard the hum, but instead it was kind of jumbled, like untold numbers of older elves had broken away from the hum of the heard, and started to sing in their own power, as if the same way Lucifer broke away from Yaweh's sound to sing on his own. (This makes me think there are many levels of "enlightenment". Like the elves are the "elders" who have evolved past death, yet there are levels of "angels" above them, and so on.)
I got scared, but sat there and watched. I looked to my right at the trees, and they began to rise away from the ground, and dance away, literally going "away". The sky "left" right after the trees danced into it. I thought "Oh my God, the trees and sky are gone, what next?"
I felt the ground that I sat on, and realized it was leaving in the same fashion as the trees and sky had done. Fear struck me like I have never before had, even as a baby or toddler, (you can remember these things when extremely versed in psychs.) It was weird and I know this makes me sound amateur like the "evolutionary babies" on here who freak out and do stupid things, but the only thing I could see was a light, it was a porch light on my house.(Yes it's weird, I know the clear light, and have stayed in it's presence for hours on LSD. I was not like the idiot "hippies" that tripped just to get fucked up.) I mean, darkness overtook and swallowed everything except for the light I could see on the portch next to my room. Somehow, I got up and began walking through the yard towards the stairs to the back door to my room. I was listening to "The other one", I forget what year but there are no words to describe the synchronicity of it to my trip. I was in the land of the dead, being blown by the winds of everything that inspired darkness and death, trying to make it to my house. I figured if I could get close to my home, the light, it would be ok.
Somehow, I made it up the stairs and on the porch, without anything to see or feel but the light, (the subconcious is amazing). As I got to the porch, I saw what looked like arms of existence, pulling me back from where I was to where I had originally came from; the hands of those who keep this reality leveled, keep the breezes and waters of the land of the dead from spilling and blowing into this reality. As I saw their "arms" which were more like the "arms" I've seen on self-transforming elves, I knew I was coming back, that I might actually be alright.

A few weeks later, I decided to eat it. I had tried eating up to 300mg without effect, with plenty of harmala. I got tired of it, so one night, I ate about a half gram of harmala, (harmaline/harmine), and almost an hour later, an entire 1000mg of DMT. I don't know if it was a lack of harmala that kept me from tripping the previous oral tries, but this was insane. I mean, I've eaten a thousand micrograms of LSD in one sitting without tolerance, but this was insane.
After about an hour, I lost my mind, and could see the mind I had lost in fractal, geometric patterns. There were the elves of DMT on the edges of my mind I had lost, holding it, keeping it from spiriling out into complete "Oh shit I called the ambulance on myself" insanity. I thought of it, but they kept bringing my attention to them holding my mind, saying, "We've got your mind, we've got it. We've got your mind, we've got it!" They said it humorously, tauntingly, and with empathy, letting me know that it was ok.. but elves just have to be elves, and entertain themselves as well as challenge you all the way. I held on for dear life for 4 hours, just hoping the corners of my room would come back together and be 3 dimensional again.
I remember thinking that I'd be like that forever, the typical "I've gone too far" internal thoughts. I thought "Oh God, please, I just want to be able to go to work, drive, do regular things without being stuck like this." Then I had a strange vision, I was walking across the highway next to where I work, knowing I'd be there next week. It was strange because I would never walk to work, and I would especially never get near the busy highway while at work. But sure as the visions, the next week came and my boss asked me to walk across the highway to pick up the newly printed menus. I ended up walking right where I saw myself.

The visions were of the DMT type, but I respected them more than with smoking it. It was like I had time to see them, the colored many-dimensional geometric, fractals that help you learn to coordinate shape and color in the fantastic world of our next level of being. It was hardcore, so much that I didn't get to really sit and enjoy what I was being taught until after 3 hours into it. Then I was like "Ok, I can learn to ride this. I get what's going on. I'm supposed to learn to coordinate myself in this realm." I just wish I could have enjoyed it more before, but you've already read the story.

DMT use makes my world and life clearer, more beautiful, more meaningful the days and weeks after journeying. I do not think combining a little coke or natural opiates is wrong. In fact, they make the best trips. But before you try to mix things up, try things on their own so you don't confuse yourself.

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