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B+,Amazonian, and GT....Oh My!!!

Sampling the goods off my first grow.

        Just grew my first batch of shrooms (above named species with brf cakes in perlite). I lost track of which were which and ended up just combining all 3 in a bag. Me and my 2 roommates each ate an eighth of this salad of the gods at around 9pm and Popped in Fear and Loathing to keep us occupied while we waited for them to take effect. Started feeling a mild body buzz when the got to the part where they get to vegas and check into the hotel.Then I started to feel very tired towards the end of the movie and my roommates were feeling the same way all of us yawning continuously so they decided to go upstairs to go to to sleep.

         At this point i was thinking i fucked something up and ended up with some garbage. As soon as i laid down i started tripping BALLS!! The cieling and walls started pulsating and i started just having crazy random uncontrollable thoughts about things like the end of the world and the purpose of life an what will happen if i die....(LOL). Then i had to go use the bathroom (seriously i think i went number 2 like 8 times off these) which was upstairs and i almost fell over like 3 times walking up the stairs.Sat on the toilet and the small trash can was filled with toilet paper sitting directly across from me and the contents kept melting into a pile of some substance which would start smoking or steaming after a few seconds then id squint and rub my eyes and when they refocused it would be gone but it would immediatly start to happen again the walls and cieling were still pulsating and it was just crazy.I started to hear laughter. I come out of the bathroom and i find out that the laughter i was hearing was my roomates apparently they had been in there tripping very hard the whole time watching a katt williams comedy special, and same as me it happened as soon as they layed down.

        I went back downstairs nd it seemed like a good time to pop in the yellow submarine movie. started watching it (I had never seen it before and it turned out to be an awesome movie......If you have never seen it on mushrooms please do i beg you!!!) anyways. I went back upstairs to use the bathroom again after the movie and the same thing was happening with the garbage but this time it wouldnt disappear when i rubbed and refocused my eyes. I decided to take a shower after and the light was bothering me so i turned it off and showered in the dark...it was cool. It felt like the room disapperared and i was floating around in like space and i could see starlike objects floating around. At this point my mind just basically melted and coherent thought became impossible and i became lost in the feeling of the hot water hitting me and the emptiness of the dark and shower fog and sounds. When the water got cold it still felt great and i staid in the cold showr for god knows how long.When i came out i left the bathroom to see that it was getting light outside. when i got downstairs the clock said it was after 5 am. then i drifted in and out of tripping until about 630 when i finally fell asleep... BTW i woke up at 9am feeling like i got a whole nights sleep.....AWESOME!!!

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