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tripping in the snow, amazing first trip

15g Ps. Mexicana Sclerotia

The first part are all events that went down before the trip, if you want to read the actual trip go to the line.
So I was sleeping over at my friend J, and I got hooked up with somebody who could go to the Smartshop for me to buy me the Truffles (You have to be 18 to legally buy them in Holland) but he didn't show up.
After some calling another Friend of mine he said he knew somebody but also told me to be careful what to say, I found out why the moment I got at his appartment. The first thing I saw was a Bomber Jacket, Army boots, camouflage jeans and a shaved head. OH and he gave us the Hitler salute!
He introduced himself: Hey I'm Danny, your local alcoholic. I was just like what the fuck? Who is this guy? But he seemed really nice aside from all the talk about foreigners and having a hangover from being sober for 3 days. He actually tried talking me into trying speed!
Well so he got me the shrooms and got me some Nederwiet (Dutch weed) for the night because I was saving the shrooms for the next day.
So I went home to get my stuff (clothes, teethbrush, oh and also my bong). I took the bus and my friend J stayed in the city to smoke some weed with other friends already while I was away. I rememer him calling me like 5 times asking where I was.
When I finally arrived there I showed him my bong (I just bought it) and we went inside the Mcdonald's to eat dinner, from now on it is only me and J.
After that I wanted to fill my bong with water (I kept it in my bag there only the end was sticking out) but I didn't feel like taking my bong out in the middle of the McDonalds to fill it there at the toilet so what we did was J rolled up a joint at the toilet and we went outside.
We smoked the joint together and J found an empty beer bottle, so he went inside and filled it with water, walked to the parking lot where I was standing, poured it into my bong and went in again, he did this a total of 3 times until we finally had enough water.
So we walked a bit into the park and hit the bong a couple of times until we got pretty high. Then a friend of J came along and we ended up smoking all the weed with the 3 of us, And after that we went to the people J was smoking weed with earlier and there we smoked some more.
Then J and I went home and I had to act cool in front of his parents but my eyes were red as hell, I'm sure they noticed I was high but luckily they didn't say anything.
The next morning when we woke up we were home alone and when we looked out of the window there was snow everywhere!
So we ate some fries and like 2 hours later we made the tea which was actually quite stupid because you shouldn't eat before you trip but I forgot. But yeah after I drank the tea J and I went outside in the snow (J wasn't tripping btw) to some kinda hut in the woods and met up there with two friends who brought some legit White Widow from the coffeeshop. So they smoked some bowls and some joints and I was just trippin there.
The first thing I noticed was that the surface of the table started wobbling, this really freaked me out because I didn't really know what to expect I guess. but then it went away and I was waiting for some more shit to start moving but nothing did, so I ate the last of my truffles which I saved just in case. 
For some reason I just lit the boxershort on fire that I was wearing the night before (I guess because it was a shitty boxer anyway) and threw it on the ice, it kept burning nd giving off black smoke it was too funny.
Then some weird guy on a bicycle came along and he was like: "Hey what are you guys doing there? Smoking weed?!" And we were like noo but the whole hut smelled like it and the bong was still on the table! haha.
So we took the bong and ran away to some bench at a frozen lake. And that was when the second batch I ate started kicking in. This time it didn't freak me out, and I wanted to take everything out of the trip I could so we rolled up a fat joint full of weed and I smoked most of it by myself, at this point I was pretty high on the weed and the shrooms. When I looked down at the lake the ice with snow on it kinda swirled around, really cool. When I checked my phone it was already 5 PM, and I totally forgot about an appointment I had, I had to go to my boss Tom at work and tell him why I didn't show up at work two days ago! So that's when we all split up.
While walking to the busstop I looked at the sky which was totally blue, it looked like a giant blue dome which was placed over me reaching out for like a 100 kilometres! It was crazy, this was the best part of the trip because it was just so absurd and weird, but awsome at the same time.
I also saw some phat white arrows which looked like this ^ shooting up the sky, it was fucking great. And when I looked down at the ground the snow was just so beautiful it looked like cottons on the ground.
I don't remember much from the busride, I don't know why.
So when I finally got home I went to my boss, who was pissed at me for being late. This part of the trip kinda went bad because it was really hard acting cool in front of my boss, one thing was really weird though, he had really red eyes I don't know if it was because he was mad, high or just because I was tripping. So at one point he had to make a phone call and I just stared down at the ground, seeing all kinds of sick patterns in it, and when I looked up at the window it started breathing and this completely freaked me out because if my boss found out i'd lose my job.
But in the end it all turned out okay, he didn't notice anything and said: "Well I didn't expect you to work today so you can go home now."
Filled with joy I ran downstairs into the store and then everyody started talking to me, they were like "Frank you have to work!"  And I was just like no Tom said I could go home and everyone was like "Frank you have to work, Tom made a mistake" And I kept trying to explain that I didn't have to.
But it was really weird because my voice sounded like I almost had to cry, really weird because I didn't have to cry at all, I was just really frightened they'd find out I was tripping balls.
At some point I just walked away because I couldn't take all the faces talking to me anymore. I went and got me a glass bottle with some sick juice (I thought the colours in it were cool).
I payed it, went outside and called my brother and said something like: "Dude I'm tripping like a motherfucker I just went and had a conversation with Tom and nobody noticed!" At that point I didn't have a bad trip anymore, I was soo happy I didn't have to work because that would be a complete hell.
So well I walked home, everything was starting to come back to normal, but when I threw away my empty bottle of juice it sounded like a grenade being thrown in COD MW1, It sounded exactly like it haha.
When I got back home I just sat in my chair coming down off the trip and watching some shit on the computer for a while. We at really late, at like 8 PM or so, but my mom didn't notice anything either so everything turned out okay.
It was a really great trip and I've tripped 3 more times on them truffles. I'm hoping to score some acid soon too, I'll definately write a trip report on it when I do so!
Thank you for reading, I'm out!

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