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first trip was one to remember

1.9 grams

             ok so this was my first time tripping and i had 3.7 grams for me and one of my friends. we had a place all planed out but it didnt work out. we had been wanting to do them for two weeks so we decided to say fuck it and take them anyway my friend was pretty nervous so i took a little more then half of what we had and i was very glad about that. i am a smaller guy so the effects started to hit me right away. in about fifteen or twenty minutes i was starting to feel it. we had a sober friend driving us around. i was in the back with the sub pounding my ears. i felt very light and everything started to get very bright. since this was my first time i was a little weirded out but i went with it. we headed over to this bonfire and that's when it really started to hit me. i was starting to get a little scared but i was still enjoying the experience. eventually more people started to show up so my friends and i went to get more lawn chairs and i was zoning hardcore then i was in the back and had my eyes closed while we were listening to con te partiro techno remix. i saw serpents going threw different colored triangles then a dragon appeared. so i enjoyed this very much but then i saw some scary faces and i opened my eyes and pretended that never happened. then we arrived at my friends house and it was really dark. as he was getting the lawn chairs i just walked randomly around his yard. the dandelions where so big they were waving to me and swaying so much. i enjoyed it so much then i got into his car and they started to clam bake it. i was still weirded out at what i saw before so i didn't smoke. my friends wanting some of the weed i had, but all i had was a stem so they were digging in my pants for like thirty seconds. when they saw all that i had we just laughed really hard. on the way back to the bonfire i was at my peak and the seat was melting and i saw faces in the wend shield. so at this point i was tripping hard. i saw a hand with a face coming out of it over and over again. then a the kid cudi song alive came on and i heard voices talking to me which was awesome. We were out in the country and we blew threw a stop sign but i dont really know what happend because my eyes were closed but we almost crashed. when we arrived at the bonfire there where close to twenty people there and i was pretty scared but i decided to go out. since people had smoked there wasn't that much attention on me which i was happy about. i sat down by the fire which looked amazing and just relaxed. i tried to text my other friend that was tripping but my phone was melting. i looked over the fire to my friend and his face was very sharp and looked like a cat. at this point my trip was going great i was very relaxed and felt good. more friends showed up and i was having a great time. i felt very damp for some reason and i was wearing sandles which was one of the weirdest feelings i had. so for about two hours i just enjoyed the awesome people and the atmoshpere. i had a large case of the giggles. so after the two hours i was coming down and  i went home and slept very good. for a first trip and my only trip so far it was quite the experience and i enjoyed all of it.

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