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Sunny Day

Huge, beautiful, cartoon Bumble Bees!

I woke up on Saturday morning and went picking near by my house, after I had gathered a few I got in my car and drove to a friends house with what I had picked today and what we had picked yesterday. When I got there me and my two friends (A and J) began to distribute the shrooms, we had nine big gold tops each. We all went into the living room and smoked two jays between us. The next 30 minutes or so is a blur but the next thing I remember is hearing the song "Champagne Supernova" and then some Pink Floyd and thinking they were the most incredible things I'd ever heard. I looked at the speaker and I could see the colourful music pouring out of it and it was beautiful. I closed my eyes and could see a chinese dragon looking at me and moving as if it was blowing in the wind. I then asked J to change the song to "Here comes the sun" and he did I then opened my eyes and saw pink and green bumble bees all over the what should have been plain wallpaper. I looked over at A who was sitting on the sofa next to me, I could see he had two heads, one had green skin and the other had pink skin and they kept overlapping and coming separate again. Then everything I could see morphed into a shape as if I was looking into a spinning kaleidoscope. I closed my eyes and I was flying through what seemed like a completely different universe which had huge beautiful cartoon bumble bees everywhere like the ones I saw on the wallpaper except these ones were on sticks as if they were lollipops. I kept opening my eyes and either looking down the hallway which was completely warped and it walls were moving constantly or looking back at the others and seeing the spinning kaleidoscope visuals again. After a while the sound of "I am the walrus" became so distorted I couldn't even recognize it. I said we should go to the beach and my friends agreed. It took us about ten minutes to walk up the steps out side of the house. I was first up and I then thought that I needed to take my jumper off and that would make me feel better. It felt amazing to take it off and then I put it in my car and we all started giggling as we ran towards the alleyway that took us closer to the beach. Once we were at the alleyway we began walking down it and I remember looking at the ground and the ground was constantly morphing as if I was looking through the kaleidoscope again. I heard A shout "my eyes are vomiting" I burst out in laughter but looked over to see bold streams of pink, green and yellow pouring out of his eyes. When we finally made it to the bottom of the alleyway me and J began walking in a more ordinary way just enjoying the visuals, A kept running up to us laughing and saying "where are we?!" and then running away again. I remember looking at everything and thinking how amazing my visuals were until we were all distracted by this big grass field which we ran across and the sun felt incredible. Once we made it to the other side and we got closer to the beach it began to get more busy and I kept telling J and A to act normal because I kept seeing people looking and pointing at us. Once we finally made it to the beach we had no idea what to do and I was so much busier than I expected, all I remember is the three of us laughing and spinning around trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. I then realized we were drawing to much attention and that we needed to get out of here but all three of us wanted to do something else. J kept saying "lets get some food" and I kept saying "No, how could you possibly talk to the people in the shop like this?" I eventually convinced them both to go back to A's house again. Another patch of about 20 minutes that I don't remember much in went past until we reached the big field again. I thought I must have been at the peak now, but I wasn't. A said he needed to pee so he went into the bush and I remember me and J looking over at him and he was just hugging the bush. By the time he caught up to us me and J had collapsed to he ground so A lay down on the ground as well. While A and J were rolling around laughing I was extremely frustrated because I couldn't figure out weather the grass was wet or dry because it looked wet but felt so comfortable I couldn't believe it was wet. A few people walked past and one of them shouted something that I couldn't make out. After another person walked past looking at us we decided we needed to get back to A's house. All the way there it felt like every second in time repeated itself about 20 times and each second took what seemed like minutes. Once we were back at A's we all went into his brothers room and he asked us how were we and we all agreed we were really happy, while we were talking to A's brother we were spinning around constantly. We went into the garden and this is when we began to get really confused as strangers came to the house and we shook there hands but they scared me because they were laughing at us. We walked up onto the road and got in my car and locked myself in. I decided I was fed up with all the visuals and they were making me sick so I was trying to sleep but when I closed my eyes I could see hallucinations as clearly as when I had my eyes open. I couldn't sleep anyway because J and A were banging on the windows and shouting at me to open the doors so I let them in. We then began talking and saying how we were so confused and saying open the windows because it was hot and then saying to close them immediately after. I switched on the radio and then immediately switched it off. For the next ten minutes I was just doing meaningless things for no reason and then forgetting what I was doing and then starting to do something else. I eventually got out of the car and leant against it, wishing the hallucinations would stop because they were making me feel sick. I was now away from A and J because they were in the car and this made me feel much more calm. I began to have thoughts about my life, my friends, society and the universe. I then got back in the car and the visuals had calmed down. Me and J then began having a serious talk about how we hated society and we were going to become bums living on the streets or about how we were going to fly overseas and escape our current lives here haha. After a while we got out of the car and sat inside the house and had another jay to calm us down. The end. Next time we are hoping to get to a level four at least :D Happy Tripping!!!

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