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2C-E 11mg insufflated; 2C-E 3-5mg oral; Cannabis 3g smoked

I really read up on 2C-E for about two years before attempting to take it on for myself. It's pretty intense so being ready for intense is a good idea. This is an account detailing my first experience. Sorry it's so verbose.


Car full of weed, blankets, and pillows, 2C-E stashed carefully away, I drove up the hill to the secluded campground. I found a parking spot by the restroom and stepped out barefooted onto the plush, brilliant emerald grass. From our vantage point atop the hill, my friend and I could see the vibrant green scenery roll off into the distance- pine and mimosa trees scattered along the way, a bridge and tower covered in multicolored lights visible on the horizon, and scenic roads off to both sides of our campsite.


We threw our blankets and pillows out on the grass, ready to sprawl out under the stars once the sun set. We were anxious to hurry up and sniff the 2C-E and get this trip under way. So, at around 5pm on empty stomachs, we lined up two ten milligram bumps (get krunk or go home) on a crisp, sealed copy of Eragon, rolled up a dollar and sharply insufflated the legendarily painful phenethylamine- 10mg each. There was no looking back.


Having read ample horror stories of the pain involved with sniffing the 2C class, reaffirmed by my friends firsthand account, I was relieved that it wasnt as excruciating as I had believed (my nose has a high threshold for pain). I had an alert within seconds- the green of the grass and leaves around me became more vivid, pristine, with a glass-like quality to them. In awe of the speed of the come-up, I gazed out at the rolling hills for the next couple minutes, watching them swell and deflate, the grass working itself into immense patterns- Persian carpet type patterns on a larger scale than I had ever seen. I looked over to my friend and said, This is absolutely amazing, to which he replied, It hasnt even started, man.


Just over 5 minutes after snorting the 10mg (and finger-licking the remaining 5mg myself) we decided to move our blankets to a more open spot in the sun, where the scenery was better. Leaning down to pick up my stuff, I glanced over at my left arm and saw it crawling with quilt-like patterns, glowing reddish-yellow, surrounded by swirling sapphires- speckles of suspended baby blue light. At once I became faint, yet brimming with euphoric energy. I vomited. A lot.


I rolled over onto my blanket and lied in the hot sun in nothing but shorts, feeling the cool, gentle breeze washing over me, waves of euphoria and psychedelia pulsating through my body. Whenever I blinked I noticed that rich closed-eye imagery had already started manifesting itself and was very easy to become lost in; it was expansive and flowing, sharp and detailed, a sea of distant horizontal gray stripes set behind a leftward moving blanket of sapphires.


I continued vomiting for about the next hour. That really isnt that big of a deal though, considering just how frequently I vomit ordinarily (about every other day, probably resulting from ulcers). After moving our supplies over to the new spot we packed broke down some weed on the picnic table and loaded a bowl; this is when I noticed how much these visuals resembled those of mescaline. The surface of the table was rapidly flowing to the left, making it difficult to pack the bowl.


We then walked to the water pump with an empty water bottle and a packed waterfall bong. The water pouring out of the pump was beautiful- clearer and in sharper detail than I had ever noticed. We sat there drinking and taking hits off the bong for about 30 minutes, laughing and having a wonderful time discussing how intense this come-up was. My body was filled with anxious, nervous ecstasy and the nausea was still very pronounced one hour after taking the 2C-E. The clouds of smoke that my friend and I were puffing into the air between our faces looked like sheets of sparkling clear glass riddled with jewels- all suspended in those clouds.


I vomited up all the water I had drank into the sandy area surrounding the pump. The visuals took on a new intensity. As the water violently projected from my mouth, it mixed with the sand and sprang back upwards and outwards. I watched this happen as if under a thousand-flash-per-second strobe light, every frame frozen in my mind in perfect detail. I was seeing every millisecond of time individually. I was floored.


After the nausea subsided my friend and I were beginning to come up on the peak of the experience. We decided to lie down on the hill and just take it all in. Looking out over the beautiful scenery I watched huge portions of my vision divide into bubbles. All across my visual field things were swallowed up by bubbles, spherically swelling then shrinking, magnifying that portion of my vision with the swelling. Everything I saw brought on new types of cartoonish visuals; with just a slight move of my eyes the tree spotted gulley between two grassy hills would transform from cell shaded, to pencil sketch, to watercolor paint, from bulbous and rounded to sharp and detailed.


As I turned my head my world shattered into fractals. Everything in my visual field broke into enormous shards- a series of vertical bars which rapidly swirled counter-clockwise onto the left most portion, ever tightening into more complicated fractal images of the landscape I had been looking out onto. I closed my eyes and was enveloped in a world of fantasy without limit.


At first, the imagery behind my eyes consisted of cartoonish fractals that I could never adequately describe- so otherworldly that words simply will not do. The body high became more pronounced with the visuals. I reached states of orgasmic ecstasy, feeling as if I was literally reaching a full body orgasm for what seemed like hours at a time. The pleasure was so intense that it alone would have made movement impossible- I was crippled by euphoria. So, I lied there in the grass on that hillside, delving deeper and deeper into my imagination.


I could no longer make out if my eyes were closed or open- the visuals were simply too overwhelming. The visuals were very similar to mescaline visuals, but exponentially more powerful, more developed, more expansive, more enveloping, and more dynamic. The gentle beauty and intricacies of mescaline were not there though- this was much too much powerful, much too overwhelming for that kind of thing. This was utterly over-blown and cartoonish, often in the literal sense with the visuals consisting of a collection of different styles of animation: cell shading, water-coloring, pencil sketch, charcoal, Pixar-like 3D, etc etc. The dreaded body load I had read so much about was absolutely nonexistent, in its place a sensation of orgasmic pleasure as if I were rolling full tilt.


I continued to fly off into my imagination. I saw our solar system in striking detail and color, myself soaring through space, around and onto distant planets, circling Neptunes rings, speeding through gaseous clouds. I began to question myself about the universe; all the questions that men have pondered since the dawn of time: where? how? when? why did any of this come about? I was stripped of all my arrogance around the matter and left with a resounding- You have no idea, but thats okay.


My perspective on the solar system dropped back rapidly. The planets shrank at an alarming rate as my vantage point rocketed ever further into space. I saw the milky-way galaxy contained in an ever shrinking black bubble the size of a beach ball, a basketball, a volleyball, a baseball, a grain of sand. I found myself gazing back a star strewn black mass, our universe contained as the yolk of an immense shape like a cracked egg. The mass, our universe, was suspended in endless blackness containing all other parallel universes. All this continued to zoom away until all the blackness, with  all the galaxies of our universe suspended in it, was revealed to be the skin of an anthropomorphic deity, larger than anything I had ever consciously fathomed. It's head rose up. It's eyes, made up of galaxies, shining blue and white like sapphires, met mine.


After what seemed to be either days or seconds I looked around to notice that night had fallen. Fireflies drifted across the sky- orange, yellow and red tracers streaking along the endless black. I had regained my ability to differentiate open from closed eye visuals, although both were still so powerful I could barely interact with the world. My friend and I stumbled over to the picnic table and clumsily packed a bowl and smoked up. We felt ourselves coming back up to the peak effects rapidly.


The energy was still flowing through me, almost becoming too much, so I began to dance. I turned on my cell phone so I could see it glow against the black sky backdrop. With my cell phone open I danced all around the hill, barefoot in the grass, lost in ecstatic blissful fantasy.


The stars began to shine up above. In McNoWheresVilleBurgTownsmanshipShire, far removed from cities and light pollution, on clear nights like these, the stars are a sight like no other. We decided to roll a few joints and to sit out on the pillows and blankets on the hillside and just sit, smoke, and stare out at the astounding scenic view. Rolling the joints was a feat like no other but one we were determined to accomplish. Upon dumping the weed onto my papers, intricate, glistening green and purple marijuana leaves scattered into patterns across the white paper, each leaf three dimensional and rotating in place.


With a fistful of joints we settled down onto our pallet. I lied down, looking up at the stars, the heavens working themselves into awe inspiring geometric patterns on a cosmic level. I looked out at the different colored lights gleaming from the bridge and tower off in the distance. My mind ran rampant and the trip grew more and more intense- more intense than I had ever experienced except on breakthroughs with DMT. I saw the lights morph into colossal mechanical arms, technologically advanced beyond anything ever conceived on earth- alien technology. The flat land down below became a city made up of complicated machinery, much like in a futuristic anime series. The enormous arms reached out to surround me, slicing me open to display all the layers that made up my torso to the advanced alien society watching down below. I looked down at myself and saw my skin peeled back, muscles red and throbbing with blood, my rib cage projecting across my pulsing organs. I felt no fear or discomfort- simply amazement and wonder.


The alien imagery faded to black and my perspective shifted to an overhead view of my prostrate body. I looked down at myself on the grass. The grass broke down into atomic energy, vibrating against my body until it too broke down into pure energy and became one with the entire planet- all one mass of vibrating atoms now swirling amongst each other. The sensation was pleasurable beyond anything I had ever experienced. Yellow, red, blue, green and orange marbles buzzed and zipped around each other, the world entirely dispersed into matter and energy.


We continued tripping until the sun began to rise. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, we ventured over to the top of a large hill, to the railing by the road off to the east, so we could watch the sunrise. When we got there we saw that the road overlooked a lake and that the sun was already painting the horizon a myriad of colors. I looked out and beheld the whole scene as a gorgeous oil painting. I dragged my hand across my field of vision and watched the colors of the painting smear and ripple in response. The beauty of it nearly brought me to tears.


We walked back to our little campsite and I lied down and covered up. I slept for about 2 hours and woke up still feeling like I was rolling really hard and seeing colors glow vibrantly. All of it except an overall sense of excitement and awe was gone by about 3pm. By that night I was pleasantly exhausted and slept deep and long in absolute amazement of this new chemical, my brain and the world.


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