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LSD Trip

First Time Physcadelic User

Before I start, this experience happened probably a month ago. I remember it so vividly to this day!

My name is James.

The day started out with my friend Hank and I training down to San Fransisco. (About an hour train ride) The purpose was to go to hippy hill (oh btw it was April 20'th ;D) and get an 1/8th of weed. During the train ride I suggested the Idea of trying LSD, and both of us were completely up to trying it, if we could manage to find some.

We finally arrive at San Fransisco and take the wrong Muni. (its like a light-rail bus) After a few hours we manage our way back to our destination and landed ourselves at hippy hill! 10 minutes in and we purchased both the LSD and the 1/8th. We decided not to smoke AT hippy hill because we spent too much time getting lost. (Have you ever been to San Fransico? It can be confusing as hell!)

We get back to the train, and decide since the train ride takes an hour we would take the LSD, and by the time we got back home, we would start to feel the effects. So we each take one tab. I remember the fellow who sold us the LSD said that it was more of a complete mindfuck. And there were little visuals. Considering I only thought Acid was a visual drug I was confused, but none-the-less i still wanted to try it. Boy, I was in for the afternoon of a fucking lifetime!

We get off the bus. We notice colors were outstanding! We thought at first that it was just our eyes adjusting from stepping outside, but quickly are reassured its the drug when we burst into uncontrollable giggles and laughter. I remember hopping the fence, and Hank stated he could not. It took it about 10 minutes to jump a 5 foot fence. I found this hilarious as hell! I kept making him laugh so he couldn't climb it. :] We start walking back to my house, about an hours walk. During the beggining stages I remember saying it felt just like a weed high, and it wasn't potent. But 30 minutes in the mind FUCK started to happen. Me and my friend were walking on the sidewalk talking deeply and throughly about entities of life and the meaning of existence. Most phrases ending up in us pausing, then saying "what the fuck!" and laughing. I remember walking into a group of black people. 2 guys 2 girls. I said Hey guys, and was returned with a friendly "hey, how you feelin bro?" I said back " I am feeling GREAT!" and started laughing, he said "Thats what I like to hear" started laughing also, and then I said bye and continued walking home.

After about an hour from leaving the train station Hank and I finally reach home. At this point our minds are going absolutely and uncontrollably EVERYWHERE. Thinking about anything and everything. We walk into my house, and walk into my room laughing about something I said. My parents instantly suspected we were high. My mom walks in and asks "what are you on?" I start going on, and on about some random shit. She gets frustrated and leaves the room. About 20 minutes later I walk out and somehow manage to convince my mom that I wasn't on anything, and that I was just giving her a hard time. She bought it.

My friend at this point said he needed to go home and check-up with his parents. So he left. Right as he left my parents asked if I wanted to go to dinner, and completely forgetting my friend was coming back I said alright. Me and parents get in the car and drive to Chili's. This was my favorite part of the trip. I remember sitting in Chili's, and all the commotion was SO intense. It was amazing. I had no idea what was going on, but I could distinctly hear everything that was happening in the restaurant. It took a lot of self control to stay positive in such a chaotic place such as a restaurant on a saturday afternoon, but taking it in and enjoying it was the best feeling I ever had In my life. I can't fully explain it, but all the sounds and motions made me extremely happy. 

After dinner my parents ask If i would like to go to Ice Cream. I say sure, and we go get ice cream. This whole time my head is constantly thinking about things like the universe, and what my meaning was. Im glad I didn't visualize, because I could still control myself and I could focus on the things I was thinking about.

After Ice Cream, my parents and I head home. Where I meet Hank again, and he said he was freaking out because he didn't know where I was. I asked if he was having a bad trip, he said no, he enjoyed time on his computer, but he was worrying about me. Im really glad I didn't ruin his trip. (I couldn't text him or anything seeing as how he does not have a cell phone)

Me and him go into my house, and talk about what we had experienced and though while we were separated. One thing I shared with him, I still think to this day was completely accurate. I thought:

Acid is a journey. Told from a book.
You are presented with a subject, life, existence, ect. At first your head is fogged, as you try to figure out and understand the topic. You journy trying to find its worth. When you do figure it out, things become clear. But just as you finish that chapter, that topic, you turn the page and are presented with the next chapter, and things become fogged again. This is how my acid trip felt. Like it was a loophole of an infinite entity called the universe. 

Hank said he felt the same way, and he then explained to me the things he experience while I was away. After sharing our thoughts we decide to go outside, because I had convinced my parents I wasn't on anything, and I wanted it to stay like that. We head towards a park, sit under a tree, and converse back and forth to each other more about the universe.

After an hour or two, we decide to go home.  We were coming down, and felt it was safe.

So I went home and played video games. Things were still pretty loopy but I could manage sitting in a chair. When I went to bed I had a really bad depression episode, which was quickly fixed by a phone call to a trusty- acid experience friend.

The next morning I wake up, definitely off the drug, but I don't feel exactly normal. It took about a week for me to come down to earth completely. Overall I say I love the drug. Its an immersive, thought-provoking, fun, insightful drug. I do plan on doing LSD again. And I hope you enjoyed reading my trip report. 

Edit: My previous drug use includes : Marijuana, XTC, Alcohol, Cocain, and LSA (I did this after my LSD trip)

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