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Mushroom Insanity

Me and my best friend Ab had eaten mushrooms twice this summer but we didnt eat enough to trip hard.

Me and my best friend Ab had eaten mushrooms twice this summer but we didnt eat enough to trip hard. Ever since july 2001 we had been looking for more, because they are really hard to find in our town.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Well in late occtober we talked to our friend S who has a cousin that lives in jamaica plains (always a good thing!) and he had gotten 2 oz of these gold mushrooms that were supposed to be awesome good. I bought a 1/2 oz and me and my best friend ate a cap and a stem each so we could trip daylight for a while. We got really impatient and through the next 2 hours we kept eating and eating because our other friends were allready trippin balls. Turns out we ate more then we really needed!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Me and Ab were sitting in S's yard all night... even though it was freezing, going absolutely insane! When i closed my eyes i started seeing awesome visuals... everything was bold colors swirling around in constant motion. I looked down at my hand and it started to take a ciggerette out of my pack and i had no idea i was going to smoke one! My hands werent attached to my body it seemed and i couldnt control what i held onto or what i threw straight across the lawn! the moon was out that night and the cloauds were patterened around it in a peace sign in bright reds and yellows just spinning around the moon. Ab kept trying to get my attention but i had forgotten she was sitting right next to me! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I lay down in the grass and I SUNK 4 FEET INTO IT! i started talking really loud cuz i thought Ab couldnt hear me because i was so far down into the ground! when i sat up it was like i was coming out of a grave but there was no hole underneath me. A car pulled into the driveway next door... but it didnt drive... it flew down out of the sky and made a graceful landing in the garage.. when the garage door closed it started talking to me...It was a creepy voice like out of a horror movie "Sleeeeeeeeeeeep." it said... then i heard faint voices screaming in the door. It didnt bother me.. i thought it was completely normal in fact.. why wouldnt there be people screaming in the garage door??------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We went inside to warm up a little and into the basement... but the basement had changed.. it was like a rainforest! There were vines climbing all over the walls and through broken windows and shit. I didnt quite like the jungle scene so we went back outside to our field of green.
We had been smoking pot with everyone all night and we decided it was time to smoke another bowl. When i put the glass up to my lips to take a hit i started hearing colors in the grass and i saw sound waves bounce all around as my friends talked around me. When i blew out the smoke it made faces in the air when it drifted away like egyption sphinx cats! Every time i looked down at my feet i saw lions in the astro-turf S has laid down on his patio.----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Then before i knew it everyone was back inside zoned out in front of the tv. Me and Ab were going strong out in the grass.... still. but G wanted to go home cuz he was bored and he didnt trip... so in a flash we were back at Ab's house... dont ask me how we got there... cuz i dont remember a thing about the ride home.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We went to bed around midnight totally exhausted but still tripping hard... it gave me some awesome colorful psychedelic dreams but i kept waking up thinking i was still sitting in the 4 foot hole i sun into in the grass!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It was the best drug induced experience of my life, i recommend it! ------------------------------------------- Happy Shrooming Everyone!! -- SKH

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