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Bootedboy's easy perlite Tek

Method for washing and reclaiming perlite

Alright, here it is, my easy Tek for washing and reclaiming perlite

If you are like me than you quickly grew tired of the messy procedure of washing and draining perlite using a colander, well here is my solution. This method works for new perlite as well as reclaiming your perlite. We will start with the unused perlite method:

First, place the desired amount of perlite into your shotgun terrarium; it must be a shotgun terrarium built to the correct specifications otherwise this will not work. Now there are two ways to do this, it can be done indoors in a bathtub or shower or outdoors with a hose. You will need some sort of riser to place the terrarium on to allow water to drain out the bottom such as an elevated wire rack or something similar, maybe cut a hole out of the bottom of a plastic bucket and place it on there. Now, place your terrarium on the riser in your bathtub or shower and simply run water over the perlite by turning on your shower and the terrarium will act like a giant sieve allowing water to pass over the perlite, rinsing it off and removing dirt and other small particles. At first, it may become backed up a bit so turn off the water occaisonally and stir the perlite up away from the bottom to allow proper drainage. Repeat this until perlite is clean and allow to drain for a while. If using this method outdoors simply use a hose instead of your shower.

Reclaiming used perlite:

If you wish to reuse perlite that has already been used in a previous grow follow this method. Prepare your terrarium the same as before by placing it on the riser in your bathtub. Wipe all sides of the FC inside and out with a soapy rag and squirt a fair amount of the dish soap on the perlite. Stir the perlite and add more dish soap to be sure the perlite is thoroughly saturated. Run water over the perlite for a brief moment then turn it off and stir the perlite once more. Rinse the perlite for a while to be sure it is completely free of any soap residue. It may take several rinsing and draining sessions to be sure the perlite does not contain any remnants of the soap. 

Hope this helps somebody!!! It sure is better than rinsing and draining perlite in a colander only to throw it all away at the end of your grow.
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