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1st Trip, Crazy Introduction to Psychedelics

1/2 8th of golden caps

 So I was 15, it was early August, and I had just found out that my bro's older friend wanted to split an 8th of these "golden caps" he had just gotten. I split the eighth with him at about 6:30 P.m afer eating a bowl of chili before that. Right after consuming my half eighth, of some pretty solid caps, my bro's friend, James, his bro, Drew, and I went out on a walk into a nearby forest down the street. We hiked to the "secret spot" which was a spot by the river in the woods where I had left a two liter for water falls. Here, we smoked  many bowls and waterfalls of this purple weed James had. After a few waterfalls and bowls, I walked out on this fallen tree limb to fill the bottle back up with water. While doing this, I looked to the sky and saw a cloud in the shape of a dragon serpent thing seem to move. This excited me, and I announced it to James and Drew who both laughed. After the last waterfall I had supplied, I looked at James' shirt, which was a solid mint green shirt, but it appeared to wave and have different shades of the mint green. I said "Haha dude James I love your shirt," and we both laughed really hard. Then, James says "Steve... wanna run?!"  I agree to this and start following James on a run. While running, things seem to cloud in a way, and I notice the ground appears to be waving up and down like waves off the side of a boat. I'm laughing hysterically while running and noticing this, and look up to have somewhat of a rainbow fly across my eyes, and I saw diamonds and other shapes within the trees. After this barrage of visuals, we stopped running and I say "Holy shit this is ridiculous." While continuing to trek in the forest, Drew constantly asks me what I'm feeling and or seeing, and I describe the idea that we are characters in a video game and the forest is mapped out on a grid, each tree made of precise pixles. In the midst of getting lost in the description of my thoughts, I just stopped walking and told Drew and James to as well. Then I said "Everything is completely still." Shortly after, I look up at the trees and see what appears to be a glass wall, that was at some points transparent, and at others reflecting. The trees and glass wall appeared to be massive, and James, Drew, and myself very very small. It was how I'd imagine a cat or squirell to see the world. This was also somewhat an out of body experience, as I remember seeing us in a group for a flash of an image. After this event, we went to a field that I was describing as the gateway to a darker forest, and as I said this, I looked over at the forest across the field and it appeared to be very dark, almost black. It also was waving at me, calling me in to some sort. I assured James and Drew that we were ok though, and we left to start exiting the woods. It was about dusk when we left the woods, and we were getting into the town when someone mentioned a cop or the police. This sketched me, and I started asking over and over if the police or cops were there, and I remember Drew not saying anything at all, but he recalls to me that he would tell me it was fine, I'd relax and be quiet, then I would ask him again, which repeated 6 times or so he says. The car I saw parked near there was a station wagon, but I could've sworn I saw the blinking police light. Also, while exiting, I say a black object in the distance that I called "a horse with no eyes" and a wave moved across it, making it ripple. I later learned that this was in fact just a street sign. As we entered the town, I heard a mother scorn her child in a cacklish like voice, and my imagination went wild. I imagined myself, or it seemed as though i was actually looking, seeing through all of the homes and seeing child abuse or conflict between trashy parents. This was truly a bad vibe. I do not remember a lot of the walk there, but we eventually got to behind a school, where James wanted to smoke. Drew opposed the idea, and I did as well because I claimed to be fucked up enough and too sketched. James smoked anways, and I was standing on a yellow bench, until I looked down and thought I was floating. I called that "fucked" and got down. Eventually, my brohter and his friend came to the school in a car, which was very comforting in some ways, although also discomforting because his friend was staring at me like I had 1000 heads. In some conclusion, they drove us back to James' house, and they tell me I had been passing in and out the way there. When we got there, they said it was time to go inside, and I told them I just wanted to lay down right there. So out on the sidewalk, I layed down, and everyone panicked as I blacked out for a second, then woke up. James walked me up the stairs to his house, and walked me up to his room as well. The whole time, I just remember seeing blackness. In his room, I was on the couch when I opened my eyes and felt like I had been dreaming. I was able to speak clearly and make sense, and was in craze of what had just happened. I kept apologizing for being a handful to anyone, and they all told me it was ok and that it happens. Sitting on James' bed now, I would swing from happiness to paranoia, loving listening to Portugal. The Man, to later demanding that it be turned off. I also recall biting a pillow as a means of some sort of pleasure. At 11 p.m. I decided I could go home, and James walked me home for a sense of security. When I arrived home, I could be around my dad as easy as being sober, if not easier, and told him that I had watched Lord of the Rings at James'. I then went upstairs and went to bed, but actually laid in bed from 12 to 2, feeling like that time was only a matter of minutes, before falling asleep. It was a crazy first trip, had it's paranoia, but was the first to precede many more that would be amazing and mind expanding to say the least.

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