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Pretty decent trip

Trippin balls

Ok, so i took about 2.5 grams of what was supposed to be great shrooms...About a hour after ingesting i felt kinda funny...then me and my buddy went for a walk in which i smoked a couple of bowls. In the corner of my eye ferns started to turn into peacock tails and when i would look at the mountains the background looked liked a backdrop in a shitty movie.Then probably the best part of the whole trip was when i was looking at a tree and it went 3D all of a sudden.Aswell as when i was crossing the street i saw a car that looked like it was really close but it turns out it was like 35 feet away...Once i got home i felt sober so i was only hallucinating for a short time.Overall decent trip i wasnt sure if this was level 2 or 3 because the visuals werent that intense.

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