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Learning the Truth

I had been planning to shrooms for about a week.

I had been planning to shrooms for about a week. Many of my hook ups couldn’t pull through and lagged too much. It was Friday night at 9 p.m. and I was with my punker friend. We got food and headed over to his friend’s house. I met some people that I haven’t seen in years, and they were cool now. One guy opened a bag of shrooms and said we can buy them. We said all right and were going to eat it a little later. But then he told us that he wont sell it unless we eat it right there in front of him . I ate half, he ate half, and they said it would take 45 mins. People say that shrooms taste like shit but mine taste like popcorn. We drank some orange juice and took some vitamin c pills to enhance the trip. 30 mins past and we started smokin bowls.

Right after I blazed the second bowl it hit me. I looked up and saw the sky as an orange color. The guy who owned the place looked like his face was twitching and moving. I looked down at the ground, the pattern of his tiles looked like wolves were snapping at each other. The punker and me hopped over his gate to see a greenbelt. This place was only a block away from me but I felt totally lost. We went through this little pathway and it looked like a tunnel leading into nowhere. Then we went to this one dude’s car. Hopped in and started listening to The Locust. His speakers totally tripped me out and I thought I was on a space ship riding through the air.

We arrived at the punker’s house and went into his bedroom. The one guy bailed and we had no ride. I don’t know why we went with him because we had both our cars at his house. I guess we were too tripped to remember. From then on my friend looked like an elf. I started to get enlightening thoughts at this time. I understood why my friend is the way he is. It felt like I was at peace with every person I hated and liked. He wanted to go to sleep so I said alrighty. He pulled out a sleeping bag and I tried to get into it. The bag felt like eat was eating me and I didn’t feel comfortable at all. So I stayed up looking out his window for hours. It felt as if we were aliens looking out into the world. This was because he had a big lookout over the city. He couldn’t go to sleep and started to trip me in a bad way. I wanted to go piss and he said that he had to lead me there because it is a mission. I didn’t know what in the world he was sayin cause I was tripped too. Then I said I didn’t want to piss and he kept on questioning me. I closed my eyes and saw weird 3-D horns spinning around. I didn’t like it too much so I opened them back up after a minute.

After awhile I went back to take a piss. It felt weird as fuck but it relieved me. His bathroom was covered in mirrors. People told me not to look in mirrors because you get too tripped on yourself. I looked at my shirt with this man on it and he looked like he was breathing. When I looked in the mirror I found out the truth behind myself and felt a lot better. I walked out of the bathroom and the carpet was warping into different patterns. It was 4 a.m. and the trip was over. We called a taxi and went back to our cars. Too bad I lost my keys and my wallet during the night. I was kinda nervous to do shrooms for the first time but I’m glad I did it. You learn things that you will never forget. Obviously I couldn’t remember everything from my trip because my brain was baking so hard, but I think my portrayal is pretty accurate.

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