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My first acid trip


     Friday April 23, 2010. The day of my first LSD trip.  My friend D had taken his hit of acid  an hour and a half earlier, we had just arrived at this shallow river area off of a bike trail in Cheshire, CT. It was approx. 5 in the afternoon and warm and sunny.  D was telling me how bright and weird everything seemed to him and after gaining assurance from my dad that I had permission to sleep at another friends house I removed the piece of foil from my pocket. I took the small piece of blotter paper from the foil and ripped it in half to assure that it was blotter paper. Half of it fell off of my finger and I placed the other half on my tongue. We found the other half in the dirt and i placed that on my tongue as well. I had the entire hit  (In two pieces) in my mouth and we began to walk back onto the bike trail. We walked 3-5 minutes up the trail discussing how D was feeling and whatnot. After a 10-15 more minutes we began to walk back to the edge of the stream. I didn't plan on swallowing the paper but I accidentally swallowed half. My research has led me to believe that LSD is absorbed nearly instantly so I spit the other half out in order to avoid any stomach discomfort.
      We sat next to the stream and I took my shoes and socks off and sat in peace while D told me about the color-shifting and increased awareness of patterns that he was beggining to experience. We spent the next half hour or so talking about how beautiful everything was and truly connecting on another level.  There was a certain peace that we both shared, a true feeling of well being. I felt like a child. We stood up and began to walk back to a bench on the walking/bike trail where we would meet four other friends of ours. We talked about how people are preoccupied in such unimportant things and how people should start to appreciate nature more, etc. etc. We greeted everybody who walked by with a friendly "hi" and a wave. Our friends arrived, 2 of them seemed to think that the acid had impaired us and started giving each other strange looks and whatnot. After 2-3 minutes of nonstop talking I enlightened all of them to the fact that we were the ones on a higher level of consciousness and how we could read their body language in an unexplainable way. I wouldn't stop talking about how beautiful and mind-expanding LSD is. I ended up texting another friend of mine (Z), telling him how beautiful acid is and whatnot. I felt extremely sociable. 
     D ended up driving me, him, and my other friend J1 back to another friend (N)'s house. My other 4 friends, A, R, and K, drove in K's car back to N's. Upon arrival, we discovered that N was not home. I asked if N had painted his house, for something about it seemed unusually to me.  My friends all said no. I went up to N's brother, J2 and told him that if he ever had the chance to take LSD, to take it. Me, J1, and R, were driven by D to the gas station while A and K went to pick up Chinese food. R bought watermelon sour patches and shared some with me. I began to shout in utter disbelief as to how delicious they were. We drove to the woods near N's house and everybody lit up a blunt. I began to laugh at how yellow and weird certain patches of grass were. I decided to take only one hit of the weed because I didn't want anything to adversely affect my trip. About 1-2 minutes later I began to laugh loudly, the weed was affecting my trip. I started running off the trail in the woods laughing and running in circles. We went back onto the street and started walking towards N's house. I jumped onto the grass on the side of the sidewalk laughing in pure joy. I wanted to let myself go and act in an extremely silly manner but I knew that I didn't want to cause any suspicion so I stood back up.
     We were back at N's house, I don't remember who was there exactly, but N was back and another friend of mine (M) was there as well. I tasted some of the Dr. Thunder soda. It was DELICIOUS. Soul Sacrifice by Santana live at Woodstock was playing and I was completely amazed at the beautiful drum solo.  Weed usually makes me paranoid and giggly and it was affecting me like I had smoked half a joint or so, even though I only had one hit. Some time passes, maybe an hour or so. M is gone, R is gone, I believe it is just me, D, N, J2, A, and my friend K2's brother sitting around a campfire. Nice music in the background, and I begin to play a guitar. I had attempted to play when M was still there but I had no pick so I couldn't really play anything at all. Either that or I had one and I just didn't feel like playing. N hands me his guitar and a pick and everybody started staring at me. Apparently, I had made up a really cool riff. J2 asked me if I played guitar and I said "Yes." He responded with, "Damn, I was gonna say, that would be amazing for somebody that doesn't normally play." (Something along those lines.) We all had a deep, peaceful talk. It had been dark out for a while at this point. We started heading toward the woods where we were earlier and N told me that his cat had caught a bird. I ran back to his garage as fast as i possibly could. We continued talking, blah blah blah. My friend K and R come back. They had taken some shrooms a half hour prior, K had taken 4 grams and R had taken 2. We all talked, blah blah blah blah blah. It's about 11 now.
      It turned out that I couldn't sleep at A's house so D was going to drop me, A, K2, and R off. We go to a gas station, a mile or so away where K and R live. About an hour after they took the shrooms, they wanted to walk back to K's house in the dark while they began to trip. D drove us to A's house where he got dropped off. The little amount of weed had pretty much worn off at this point and me and D talked about how amazing the night was and how long it seemed. I got dropped off, thinking that I was nearly sober at this point. I began to walk up my driveway and I saw a car that I didn't recognize.  I stared at it for about 20 seconds or so and a feeling of uneasiness began to wash over me. I entered my mudroom and my heart began to beat quickly as I was greeted by a large number of colors. I walked into the living room and my sisters told me how my dog's adverse reaction to her tick medicine was pretty much over. I walked downstairs and felt a weird/eerie vibe. I started talking to a classmate of mine over facebook telling him how I was tripping and needed someone to talk too. I went upstairs to talk to my dad and ask him who's car was in the driveway, it was my moms friends apparently. I got a banana and brought it downstairs to my room. I said "goodnight" in a shaky voice and he said goodnight as well. 2 hours or so pass, after talking on the shroomery, texting D about the night, texting Z about how weird I felt,  blah blah blah. My curtains looked like they were waving and they were morphing a bit too. I fell asleep at 1-2ish AM 

The morning, I felt a new appreciation towards life. Walking through my grass with no socks or shoes in the warm sun was especially peaceful and I hope that I will never lose this new feeling of peace I have obtained from my experience.

Overall, I would like to say that the trip went very well, except for the fact that I ended up sleeping at my own house which was slightly uncomfortable in the dark. I plan on dosing 2 hits next saturday and spending the day at the river area where I spent the beggining of this trip. Peace

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