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My first trip

southern cali

This was my first trip and i bought two eights to share with two friends. One of my friends had already done mushrooms, and knew what to expect. For me and my other friend it was the first time. We got ahold of some Golden caps i was told, they were deep gold and reddish brown about maybe about half an inch to an inch each. Smelled oddly like chettos i though but a ssatil muskness about it. We decided to do 2.0 grams each dried. AT 1:00pm We all cut them up and put them on Skippy peanut butter sandwiches, and washed them down with glasses of OJ, can't hurt right?:) From there we migrated from the kitchen to the living room, where I packed two bong bowls of Fire Og and we took off. We decided to play some skate (xbox360) and put on some pink floyd, to take our minds off the waiting. After about 10 min I noticed I was really uncoordinated at this point and the TV was starting to hurt my head, because all the peoples heads were swelling and points of light were getting really bright, from there i changed the music and followed my one friend outside where he was smoking a cigarette. He said the TV was starting to hurt his head too. We were outside watching the slight rain and trees blowing. At this point the walls and curtains were starting to sway back and forth like the trees. I asked my friend what we should do, all he said is we are doing it. From there we went inside to smoke more and right about then time started slowing down, and everything went from more shifting as solids to more abstract movement, flowing into each other in more circular patterns. My other friend was zoned out on the couch staring at the TV and occasionally me, and that was freaking me the fuck out so I watched the celling and the walls for a wile. I kept getting bored with the music because this was maybe 45 min in and i still felt just really high and slightly odd out because everything was dancing. I glanced over at my friend on the couch and he looked at me and said he had commitment problems, and started to go into all his life problems and shit. I didn't want this freaking out my trip so i kinda went along for a min then said lets smoke or something we packed a bowl and he chilled. Wile it was beautiful to see everything moving about I didn't feel like i was tripping or anything, just super stoned. After what seems like 30 min of asking my friend what to do and standing in random places in the room enjoying the view, thinking to myself or to change the ipod. Somewhere in this period of staring at everything and listening to music time started to get lost. and i noticed my friend that was zoned out on the couch was now gone and so was my other buddy. The one who had not done shrooms like me was in his room talking to his brother, and the other was in his room doing who knows what. Im not sure how much time went by but I decided to try and roll a joint for myself so i could sit out side and enjoy the craziness of everything moving. I was so giggly and energetic that i wanted it to be perfect. I got up to go and change the music and roll a joint. the entire process took what seems like hours, because I was constantly getting distracted by every little thing, even my thoughts. Its like i was on wikipedia clicking on every interesting link and not reading the article I was there for in the first place, even tho in the back of my head i would say, "why am i not roling that joint?" and move back over to the table only to forget why i was there when i sat down. Thank god for reflexes because overtime I picked something up like the ipod or the joint roller, I 'd forgot what it was or did, but my fingers just went for it. Finally after getting the joint rolled i got my friend who had tripped already out of bed to smoke it we went outside and sat in a chairs. I got a sick feeling like I was going to puke for like 5 min, but i think it was because of all the movement i had been doing for the last some odd min. The next thing I really remember after smoking the joint is going in my room and trying to find my friend. he was in his bed I think he was sleeping but i didn't care i laid in bed and started to play my bass. At this point i remember i was tripping really hard. every thing had like a double glow off it like the whole world had another copy on top all, very 4 demotion like. It was really cool because the outlines on everything were kind of glowing or like flared out with light. As I laid on my bed playing the bass I was glued to how cool the celling was. My room felt so large, like I was in a never-ending space full of light. In fact everything felt so big. The celling finally grew into this full blown melting bubbling white lake. like a tar pit or something. I remember being so ecstatic and thinking about how great everything is and all that other euphoric stuff. I was really loving my time and wondered how anyone could have a bad trip, like possibly my friend was in the other room. As i thought about it more I could feel the walls closing in and the celling felt as the it shot right up to a few inches from my face and I knew right there if I wanted to have a bad trip I could dwell into it right there. But fuck that I said, was having way too much fun, and feeling so good. So B got up and left the bad trip zone I deemed my room for the night. I was still feeling on top of the world and went to enjoy the outdoors. I was really tripping hard by now and ended up just standing in the doorway looking outside feeling this close connection with all the world. Something just seemed to click then, like I understood everything, I stayed standing in the door way tears streaming down my face with the biggest grin, just understanding. I felt like I understood all the blind love in the world, all the unconditional thugs people feel for their loved ones and their "gods" I was laying on the couch laughing and crying, feeling pure joy and at about this time my friend emerged from taking to his brother and started to get down right emo again, but it didn't matter I was flying high. He dished out all his girl problems and all this other negative stuff about himself. And I tried to explain it didn't matter we all make mistakes and have crappy situations, but look how well were off at the moment. he didn't seem to have any of it but we talk anyway about how to improve our lives and that he shouldn't be smoking so much and doing better things with his time and money. How he was depressed about life and this curse that it can be and all. And I told him what I discovered on my trip, that was still pretty much happening, that the most beautiful part of life, is the choices. That you can experience it anyway you want. This precious gift, for whatever reason given to you, and you can chose to use it however you want and to even pass the gift on to another. Thats it, life is here just to experience it. Im not sure how well that worked but he seemed to be cheering up alittle bit. Im not sure how long we talked but I felt as tho i was sobering up a little, After another eternity it seemed, My first buddy appeared from his room and said he had fallen asleep. I asked him if he wanted to smoke and he put on Stranger than fiction. He started to talk about his trip and how he was totally fine now after going to sleep, but anything he said was kind of just drifting past me. After a wile he glanced over and asked are the walls still moving for you? I hadn't really noticed but i was still staring at stuff watching it shift around. Right then and there i resized i was still kinda tripped out, that was was cool, because for the last half hour i thought i was fine again. We finished up the film and got some jack in the box, wile my friend who was freaking out about his life and how he should dump his girlfriend, left to go over to her house…  Smoked more bowls and called it a night. Great time.  remember set and setting. happy tripping

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