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Almighty magistic all mother mushies

Universal revelations

It was a saturday in june and a friend of mine told me there was some mushies getting about, so i acted on his word and set about tracking down some of these little magistic mother lovers.
I had already heard of the wonders of mushroom tripping from another friend and had bought some books n done some online research prior to my first trip.
So i hooked up a considerably small dose, about 1.5 grams and two ecstacy pills which i took to my house and gobbled up straight away.
Rather bored and impatient i decided to go on walk about straight after and started heading to a friends place.
I embarked on the 30 minute stroll over to the next suburb in which he lived, and on my travels decided to stop off n purchase some rum.
I was standing in line at the grog shop when they first kicked in.
Im sure the pills kicked in at the same time because i remember standing in line trying to not look too obviously baked, not quite able to keep the smile off my face while the people infront of me were gracefully sliding from side to side without the use of thier feet or even roller blades.
Anyway I purchased my can of rum and trotted off to locate my friend.
On ariving at my friends house i revealed to him that i wasnt myself and that there might be some strange behaviour coming from my direction, but not too stress because im a super safe dude with morals and a highly respected member of the comunity.
So he packed me up a cone and i proceeded to burn down the bad boy, almost cirtainly uttering bad boys ahoy on exhalation.
I got very bored of the scenery in his bedroom and said im off to see the wizard.
I decided to treck to another friends house where i would score some sweet mother marijuana.
Still sipping my can of rum i endevoued off once again on my lil magistic mission.
When i got to my other friends house i noticed his head was like some sort of translucent jellyfish that couldnt stop wriggling about from side to side, this was most amusing to me, however i was a man on a mission and had no time to spare.
That and they had no idea of what i was on may not have been so adaptive to my new outlook on life.
So i trecked my ass back to my house.
I was walking across an oval when i noticed the grass waving in the wind like massive reeds on a lake or something and looking at the horizon noticed a plethera of colours from deep red to blue and purple mostly, and that was freaking sick as so i stopped to admire this new world i found myself.
When i arived home i puit on the radio to hear the house party mix up begin.
It was sick as i tell ya! Sounds were merging with themselves like time had collapsed and i could hear not only what was coming out of the speakers in real time but about 3 or 4 seconds in the past and in the future.
The hosts voice was so angelic, her sexy tone shifted and bounced around almost like she was riding some sort of melodic tidle wave, and i probably thought i was falling in love.
So i danced my ass off, better than ive ever danced before i recon.
Just so smooth and fluent, it was perfect.
Then i had this overwhelming sensation that we are merely lil spermys swimming the intergalactic birth cannal of time and space and i saw what seemed to be a massive computer and heard a voice say (we've got an early one)
Then something grabbed my and drew me onto the gras where i asumed a vertical posistion with my hands together, thumbs just touching, and my chin up.
I felt an abundance of energy flow through my body from every possible direction, it was the single mose spiritual and empowering moment ive ever experience and it was as if something was contacting me and i thought that i was about to be swept away by this super magical energy.
This spun me out for some weeks after, and when i heard the same songs on the radio in the coming days and weeks i would often get hot flushes and freak out a bit because i was almost cirtain that some sort of super technological metaphystical abduction had taken place that night in my back yard.
It seemed as tohugh everything around me was relevant to my situation however everything around me was completly erelivant.
Everthing contradicted itself, and i could see spirals spiraling into nowhere kinda like black holes.
As i aproached these spirals they would get further away or just dissapear.
I saw a femanine cat like humanoid with a yellow glow around her face and she smiled at me.
I saw myself as a time line walking backwards and forwards around a table, but only i had a shaved head, and what i was seeing was myself with an almighty mop doing laps of the outdoor furniture.
Which has since become true.
I had revelation after revelation.
I went inside and put on some television only to be greeted by a whole shit load of what seemed to me to be propaganda, Adds, shitty sitcoms based on what people are told to find funny and so on.
And i came to the conclusion that the telivision was a device used by satan to infuse our lives with as much bullshit as possible so that we'd be drawn away from the true reality, and who we truely are.

From then on i started thinking in absolute extremes, contadicting everything and i mean everything.
It helped my to understand the law of atraction and my understanding of universal caper like everything is made of love and vibrations manifest the same or similar vibrations.
All men and women are equal (ader)
How to reduce ego and how to avoid pretenciousness where possible.
It led me to further question what courses pretenciousness and cirtain behaviours in people.
It helped to bring on the revelation to me that modern society mesures status in the worst ways.
Ie, money, and machoeness.

Basicaly they revealed to me that the truth is a piece of piss if you can break down the walls of modernity and reject western civiisation as mush as possible, or atleast while taking mushrooms and other mind ultering plants.

Its been about 8 months since this experience and i plan on doing it again with a much larger dose some time in the coming weeks, in nature with nothing els with me but water, a bong and fire.
Im disconecting myself from as many wester threads as i can for this trip so i can truely get intouch with some of the more traditional methods of mushroom use in nature...  

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