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Shroom for Thought

I was with a one of my friends on a Friday night.

I was with a one of my friends on a Friday night. IN fact he submitted the "Learning the Truth" in level 3 reports. Like he said we had gone to get something to eat and were still looking for shrooms since our providers had lagged. So we get to my friends house and we end up eating 1/2 an 8th each plus some OJ and vitamin C pills to enhance it.
We are outside on his patio and we smoked some bowls. I felt some nausea but i knew it was part of the shrooms setting in. This was about 9:45 pm. I started feeling quick jolts. Like a shock feeeling and i knew they were setting in. I looked at my friends patio floor and i saw eyes and faces and the colors moving of the patterns. It was awsome and mind had just began to trip.
We then hopped his little fence into the greenbelt between the houses and it was fun...like and adventure. I remeber hearing cop sirens and i felt as if they were after me, like i was and escaped convict about to break ino one of the houses. Both me and my friend went through this closing inbetween 2 houses into the street. We were confused for about 30 min. I noticed the tree had faces on it and the ground had nightcrawler worms allover. I got into my car and was staring at my steering wheel as it began to melt...I then learned the meaning of dont trip on me when i told my friend not too...we went outside and i was staring at the guy who sold me the shrooms and his face was something so great to trip on...it was like Mrs. Krabopple on that episode of the Simpsons where homer eats the chili pepers and freaks out...
Then we cruised in my friends car listening to the Locust and it was awsome...I learned what Jimi Hendrix meant by the EXPERIENCE and i looked out the window as my friend was driving....everything was moving so fast and was slanted...we got back to my house and i was confused. I kept forgetting it was my house....i was tripping out and my friends girlfriend cause seh was shivering because she was nervous. She wasnt tripping though...but her shaking was so trippy.
We went out on my balcony and smoked some bowls. i t was weird inhalind the smoke but it felt good...the guy left and it was me and my bud left in my house...we went in my room and i was tripping out on the colors. they were changing and mismatching and it was awsome. I looked up in the corner and everything was kind of swirling...the ceiling was also moving backwards....it was cool...i looked into the mirror and got lost in my eyes and in myself and it was a whole you world...i looked at my carpet and it had a kalydascopic effect because it was moving around... then i looked at my blanket and it looke like veins moving...Then i looked down at my floor again and i saw it breathing....My friend got scared when i said that and he went off on his own because i was to busy trying to get to sleep because i was so tired and i had to figure out how i could get my car back before my dad comes in the morning.
I couldnt get to sleep though because a million thoughts where passsing through my mind at a million miles an hour...when i came down at about 2:30-3:00 am and i called a cab to get my car...i felt so happy and enlightend...hope to do it again..........

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